One of the biggest challenges dental practices face is knowing how to attract new patients. One of the main reasons it is difficult for direct mail companies to help you do this is because the postcards are delivered to a random area on a map/a certain zip code. That is to say, they are not sent to a specific audience. This makes no sense to us at 123 Postcards. We will help you identify who your ideal patient is and only mail your postcards to this demographic. Not only will you be more likely to see more patients in your office, but they will be the type of patients you would like to see in your office.

Another perk of choosing 123 Postcards to show you how to attract new patients to your practice is the exclusivity we offer our clients. We will not send dental postcards from other practices to the same people who receive your postcards. Sadly, most advertising companies will do this, which we consider a gross conflict of interest and lack of loyalty. We strive to be your marketing partner and bring as much business to your practice as possible. As such, we have to know how to attract new patients to your office. And one of the ways is to make sure that you are not sharing your business with any of your competition.

Additionally, we offer lower prices than anyone else, which may be surprising due to the fact that we offer far more services and guarantee a much higher rate of success than anyone else can. We keep costs down because we know that our success depends on the success of our customers. We are able to offer the great, inexpensive services we provide because of the loyalty and recommendations of our customers.

As a result of the strong relationships we forge with our customers, we have gained much imperative experience. The many millions of postcards that we have mailed across the USA have given us the opportunity to assemble and evaluate the most effective methods of how to attract new patients to a dental practice. We then share these methods with our new customers to help them achieve as much success as possible.