3 Basic Ways to Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Website for Conversions

3 Basic Ways to Optimize Your Dental Practice's Website for Conversions - October 28th

Your website is an important marketing tool for your business. These days, many people select their doctors, dentists, and other professionals online. If your website isn’t generating the business you anticipated, follow these three simple steps to help increase your conversions.

1. Add a Testimonial Page

Today, many people are losing the personal touch—but they still want personal reviews when they’re looking for a new dentist. The testimonial page on your website is the first place that many potential customers will look for information from your other satisfied customers. Today’s patients put just as much emphasis on testimonials online as they would on a personal review from a casual acquaintance, so keeping your testimonial page up to date is an important part of developing your customer base. Concerned that you won’t be able to get your customers to provide reviews? Provide incentives for patients who are willing to write up a quick testimonial or review of your services. Also, don’t remove negative reviews! They give the testimonial page a sense of authenticity that it might otherwise lack.

2. Put Together a Special Offers Page

If you’re looking for a great way to draw in new clients, special offers are a great option. Cost is an important consideration for many potential patients no matter what services you’re offering. If you want your dental practice to stand out, provide a coupon or incentive program for your potential patients. Perhaps the first cleaning could be free or half price, or you could offer free x-rays or another incentive to bring patients through your doors. Remember, however, that your existing clients are just as important as new ones! Don’t underestimate the importance of back to school specials, holiday offers, and other incentives that will appeal to your existing patients.

3. Include a Call to Action

Are you blogging regularly to keep your page at the top of the search engine results for your area? Do you have pages on your website that detail your services and tell what you have to offer? If you have these pages and don’t have a call to action, you’re missing a great way to hook clients. While people won’t automatically do what they’re told, an invitation to “book an appointment today,” or “contact us now,” complete with a link that will make it easy for your potential clients to do exactly that, will draw in more patient traffic than the information alone. Your call to action should come complete with the information clients need to follow through: a link to an email address or phone number, for example. Remember, many mobile visitors will be able to call you from their device on the spot, so providing a phone number on the page is a quick and easy way to get them to call.

Your website is one of the most critical parts of your marketing campaign, and paying attention to it will help increase your conversions and bring more patients into your business. Whether you’re building your website from scratch or updating existing pages, following these simple tips can substantially increase the traffic in your office. Your website doesn’t have to be complicated—it just has to provide your site visitors with the information they need and invite them to take action.

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