5 Great Things You Should Be Doing With Your Dental Practice Social Media Right Now

5 Great Things You Should Be Doing With Your Dental Practice Social Media Right Now - October 21stBy using social media, you can easily drive more business to your dentist office. Many reputable dental clinics use Facebook and Twitter for educational purposes, announcements, appointments, contests, and case studies.

1. Educate Patients

If you post relevant information on your social media pages, you could educate potential and past clients while increasing exposure for your clinic. A typical post could be about current dental news or daily brushing tips. Your posts should be interesting, though, so that everyone will share the information. Each post will help boost awareness because social shares are like free advertisements.

2. Post Announcements

Since most people are now using social media to hear about local news and events, you can reach more potential clients by posting announcements for events using social media. Although flyers and mailers are still effective, social media provides faster results. Announcements about new whitening treatments or specials you’re offering can create a lot of buzz.

3. Schedule Appointments

You should give your patients the option to schedule appointments on your social media pages. Facebook apps like SetMore allow patients to schedule appointments on your Facebook page, but you should also have someone in your office monitoring your social media pages for mentions of people trying to set up appointments.

4. Post Q&A Sessions and Contests

Social media is a great tool for building loyalty and Q&A sessions are a great way to do that. For example, if you schedule a Q&A session on Facebook, local families can get great recommendations and advice.

After your clinic has hundreds of fans, develop a unique contest or giveaway and post it on Facebook. For example, you can offer a prize to anyone who retweets the most posts in one day. To create buzz and excitement, your practice should only give away prizes occasionally like once a month. To attract more contestants, offer a prize that appeals to everyone, such as a restaurant coupon. The goal is to get everyone involved so that locals will talk about your contest and services.

To increase awareness quickly, post a few trivia questions about dental issues on a regular basis. If your fans answer the questions correctly, give them a small prize or a discount on a dental cleaning service.

Most dentists do not get many contestants because they do not market their contests effectively. Simply posting a contest on Facebook is not enough you must attract people who do not know that your Facebook contest exists. To run a successful campaign, place various ads on your practice’s official website and blog.

5. Case Studies

Facebook is an ideal place to post patient reviews, before and after snapshots, and detailed case studies. A lot of people do not undergo treatment because they fear that the results will not be appealing. Before and after photos are helpful because they serve as advertisements.

Overall, every dentist should be using social media because it is a wonderful marketing tool.

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