Social Media is a great resource for dentists and orthodontists alike.When it comes to marketing for your dental practice, if you’re not utilizing social media, you’re missing out on a huge amount of recognition from potential clients. It can difficult to know which social media sites to utilize, though. While everyone has their own preferences and style, there are some social media tools that can make a big difference to the overall impact of your marketing campaign, including the five listed below.


Notifier is a tool that automatically looks for people or brands named in your blog posts. When it recognizes the people or brands you’ve used, it then locates their Twitter handles, creating tweets to let them know that you’ve mentioned them. The benefit of a tool like Notifier is that it allows you promote your content in one of the best ways possible – by letting others know you’ve mentioned them. If people know you are promoting them, they will, in turn, bring attention to your practice and your work.


If you are already using Twitter to promote your dental practice, take things a step further with TweetReach. TweetReach works by allowing you to see how far your tweets are traveling. Why do you need to know how far your tweets are going? Among other benefits, TweetReach can help you begin to notice patterns in your tweets. You’ll be able to determine which types of tweets are reaching the highest amount of people so that you can then send out more of that specific type of tweet and get the name of your practice out there to more people.


While some social media platforms are considered to be dying out, Snapchat is predicted to pick up more traction in the near future. If you’re not yet using it for your business, you’re missing out; Snapchat is definitely not just for teens. Share fun, candid snapshots from your practice with your followers and let them see that your practice is a fun, inviting place. You can also use Snapchat for raffles, contests, and giveaways to encourage more people to follow you. makes it easy for you to find curated content for your practice’s website. is different from other apps because it uses real humans to find and return the content. The process is quite simple: just choose content categories that fit your audience, and then Quuu will send content straight to your Buffer account.

Quuu provides high-quality, meaningful content written by hand rather than by an algorithm. People will appreciate the authentic nature of the content on your site and will be more likely to share it, spreading the name of your practice further than before.


TweetLevel is another Tweet metric tool that allows you to search for specific hashtags and measure people’s social influence to help you decide if they are a good person for you to follow or not. Additionally, you can evaluate certain topics to see if there are trends worth focusing on. TweetLevel is perfect for dental practices to look more closely at conversations and determine whether there is a problem that is preventing your tweets from going as far as possible. Once a problem has been identified, you can then get to work on correcting it.

Social media doesn’t have to be scary or frustrating. By taking advantage of the tools discussed above, you can expand your reach and watch your dental practice flourish. You’ll be amazed at how much further your message can go when you effectively utilize social media.