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What makes our dental postcard designs and services so memorable that you would never want to partner with anyone but 123 Postcards? For starters, we have an outstanding design team that creates customers’ postcards utilizing the most successful elements of design. To see some of our work, take a look out our dental postcard samples.

We also print each dental postcard on top-quality cardstock, front and back. This gives the dental postcard a highly professional appearance to accentuate the quality and credibility of your dental marketing campaign.

Our competition does not pay this kind of attention to detail. In fact, they will typically create your postcards from a generic postcard that does not have any proven success. Apparently our competitors take for granted the power of measuring successful advertising and utilizing a tried and proven dental postcard design.

Furthermore, our competitors will print your whole order at once and give you a mailing schedule to follow. Over the next 6 months or so, you will have to mail the same postcard to a randomly assigned zip code. Because the whole order of postcards will have been printed at the same time, you will not be able to change any information on your postcards nor will you be able include any promotional offers. Also, our competitors do not analyze performance, so that do not know what becomes of your mail or how successful your dental postcard efforts are.

Having said this, what is perhaps most important to know about 123 Postcards is that we go way beyond just making a good looking dental postcard. For example, we only print and deliver your postcards in batches (no contract required and information may be adjusted on every new batch) to your target demographic; not just any old zip code.

Additionally, we include a phone number on your postcards. This number is routed to your dental office phones. Any call from a dental postcard recipient is recorded and reviewed. This allows us to document how many people are responding to your postcards and how many of those callers are actually becoming patients.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have many more dental marketing services that will bring new patients into your office. What’s better is that all of these services are free! Plus we guarantee an ROI of 200 – 400%.