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Here’s what patients think about your ho-hum direct mail campaigns

  Every dentist knows they have a 30-second window to capture the attention of their current patient. It’s even less time for potential new patients too. I am referring to the amount of time it takes the average person to walk from their mailbox to their garbage to deposit the daily junk mail into their […]

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Grow Your Practice Get New Patients

  Direct mail is a dental marketing strategy that involves sending a postcard to your prospects and current patients — used by many both business-to-consumer and business-to-business selling strategies.  This marketing strategy has been around for years in the dental marketing space and still is a must-have in your dental marketing strategy. Before any dentist starts […]

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Instagram for Dental Practices

Instagram is unlike any other social media platform because it focuses almost entirely on visual content. With options for photos, videos and even stories now, it’s no wonder it’s become the second most popular social media platform. This increase in popularity has made Instagram an important tool for social media marketing. Your marketing strategy should […]

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How online reviews impact your dental practice

For decades dental practices have relied on word of mouth as their greatest referral source. Over the past few years a sharp change has occurred with the advent of social media and online review platforms (e.g. Google, Yelp, Healthgrades) If your dental practice is passive when it comes to online reviews you’re not only limiting […]

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