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Dental marketing to pull you out of a black hole . . .

. . . and turn your dental practice into the shooting star you’ve always wanted it to be. Perhaps you fear you won’t be able to afford dental marketing that has this kind of power? Do you think that if you want to transform from your practice from a lone star into a rock star, […]

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Dental branding is what 123 Postcards does best

Dental Branding is something 123 Postcards knows a thing or two (hundred) about. This is because we are so much more than your typical direct mail company. We have a success rate that is unheard of in the dental world: 99.1%! What’s more, 95.7% of our clients make a 200% – 400% return on investment […]

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Dental marketing materials: look no further than 123 Postcards

123 Postcards offers dental practices the very best dental marketing materials out there—guaranteed! And no, we don’t just offer standard direct mail services. We provide an entire dental marketing solution with a 200-400% return on investment! As far as dental marketing materials are concerned, you can either customize one of our proven successful postcard designs, […]

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For us, pediatric dental marketing is child’s play!

123 Postcards knows a thing or a thousand about pediatric dental marketing. This is probably due to the large amount of clients we have had requesting a pediatric dental marketing campaign and then achieved outstanding success! One of our successful pediatric dental marketing techniques is targeting. Instead of mailing your postcards to some zip code, […]

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Targeting your audience is key when it comes to orthodontic advertising

Orthodontic advertising can be challenging because even though many people need orthodontic treatment, many can’t afford it or won’t prioritize it. So what can 123 Postcards offer to overcome this orthodontic advertising challenge? How can we do any better than another direct mail company? Firstly, the postcards we create for our clients are more attractive […]

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The crème de la crème of dentist marketing ideas

Trying to find good dentist marketing ideas is not simple. There are a lot of dental practices to compete against, so your dentist marketing ideas need to stand out above and beyond anyone else’s and give you the edge. And that’s our cue . . . 123 Postcards guarantees that when you work with us […]

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Your custom-built dental practice marketing plan awaits

So you’re trying to put together a dental practice marketing plan and you are wondering where on earth to start. It’s always a challenge knowing how to get the word out in a field where competition is tight. Considering you are probably looking for an original, cut throat idea, you may not jump at a […]

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Dental online marketing: newer isn’t always better

When it comes to marketing these days, it’s pretty clear that if you don’t have an online presence, you haven’t kept up with the times. However, we can honestly say that if you are considering dental online marketing, you should know that nothing in the digital world can come close to our direct mail campaign. […]

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If our dental advertising strategy were used in Great Britain . . .

. . . then the English would lose their unfortunate reputation for having bad teeth. Perhaps this is a bit of a stretch, but 123 Postcards’ dental advertising strategy is undoubtedly the most effective dental advertising strategy for dental practices you will find. What’s more is that not only is our dental advertising strategy the […]

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Who needs a dental marketing book when our experts will do the work for you?

Some dental offices spend way too much time using a dental marketing book to help them come up with ideas for advertising their practice. Besides the fact that a dental marketing book cannot auto update to incorporate current trends and best practices, you would also be entirely responsible for establishing and carrying out all your […]

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