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A successful dental marketing plan on your doorstep

Conceiving an effective dental marketing plan may seem like an intimidating undertaking.  Luckily, you don’t have to try and think of the best dental marketing plan for your practice because we’ve already spent years figuring that out and have got rather good at it. And no, your dental marketing plan is not carried out through […]

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Cosmetic dentist marketing success with 123 Postcards

Cosmetic dentist marketing definitely has its challenges, especially considering today’s economy in which it is difficult to justify paying the price for cosmetic treatments. That’s why it’s a wise choice to team up with 123 Postcards—your cosmetic dentist marketing experts. We have a 99.1% success rate, with 95.7% of our clients making a 200% to […]

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Web marketing for dentists with large goals, no matter what your budget

When it comes to web marketing for dentists, it may be difficult to know exactly how to go about your dental marketing campaign. We are here to tell you that we are the experts in the field of marketing to potential dental patients and can be of great assistance to you. Web marketing for dentists […]

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Starting a dental practice requires a careful marketing campaign

And how to start that marketing campaign? You really couldn’t have come across a better company than 123 Postcards. There is no other company that does what we do. Unlike us, our direct mail competitors do not actually have dental marketing strategies for existing dental practices or those starting a dental practice. Typically,  our competitors […]

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Pain free marketing for dentists

Who ever heard of such a thing as pain free marketing for dentists? Advertising your practice probably feels like a giant headache, if anything. We are here to tell you that we can genuinely promise you that 123 postcards can actually offer you the cheapest, most effective, and completely painless marketing for dentists. We don’t […]

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Marketing dental services with 123 Postcards eliminates competition

Marketing dental services can be daunting because you know that there is a lot of competition in the world of dentistry. You therefore need a campaign for marketing dental services that will blow your competition out of the water. 123 postcards is the only company that can guarantee you will be able to have this […]

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Dental marketing experts giving you the biggest bang for your buck

You want dental marketing experts, but you fear you won’t be able to afford their expertise. You know that if you want results, you typically have to be able to pay the big bucks. If you think this, then you clearly haven’t heard of the dental marketing experts at 123 Postcards. Not only are we […]

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The only dental patient marketing that is practically perfect in every way

It’s true, 123 Postcards has dental patient marketing techniques that guarantee your dental practice a lot of success and substantial return on investment. Our dental marketing techniques are no secret. We are just extremely thorough, a trait you don’t typically associate with direct mail companies. 123 Postcards does much more than just postcards: we become […]

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123 Postcards knows how to attract new patients

One of the biggest challenges dental practices face is knowing how to attract new patients. One of the main reasons it is difficult for direct mail companies to help you do this is because the postcards are delivered to a random area on a map/a certain zip code. That is to say, they are not […]

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Cosmetic dentistry marketing: placing the perfect patients in your practice

When it comes to your cosmetic dentistry marketing postcards, you can either choose to customize one of our proven successful designs, or you may create a unique postcard with the assistance of our brilliant design team. Our team will be certain to utilize the elements of design most effective for converting postcard recipients into your […]

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