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Dental marketing experts giving you the biggest bang for your buck

You want dental marketing experts, but you fear you won’t be able to afford their expertise. You know that if you want results, you typically have to be able to pay the big bucks. If you think this, then you clearly haven’t heard of the dental marketing experts at 123 Postcards. Not only are we […]

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The only dental patient marketing that is practically perfect in every way

It’s true, 123 Postcards has dental patient marketing techniques that guarantee your dental practice a lot of success and substantial return on investment. Our dental marketing techniques are no secret. We are just extremely thorough, a trait you don’t typically associate with direct mail companies. 123 Postcards does much more than just postcards: we become […]

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123 Postcards knows how to attract new patients

One of the biggest challenges dental practices face is knowing how to attract new patients. One of the main reasons it is difficult for direct mail companies to help you do this is because the postcards are delivered to a random area on a map/a certain zip code. That is to say, they are not […]

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Cosmetic dentistry marketing: placing the perfect patients in your practice

When it comes to your cosmetic dentistry marketing postcards, you can either choose to customize one of our proven successful designs, or you may create a unique postcard with the assistance of our brilliant design team. Our team will be certain to utilize the elements of design most effective for converting postcard recipients into your […]

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Dental marketing solutions: social media can’t touch this

Facebook and Twitter tend to be responsible for “getting the word out” these days, so direct mail may sound like a dated method of marketing your dental office. This may apply to many direct mail companies. However, 123 Postcards is not merely a direct mail company. In fact, postcards are just one aspect of the […]

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Dental marketing products: rare combination of best and cheapest

Our team at 123 Postcards can absolutely guarantee that our dental marketing products and services are the very cheapest you can find. What makes things exciting, however, is that we also offer the finest dental marketing products and solutions on the planet. How is this possible? We know that our capacity to succeed depends on […]

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The most eligible dental internet marketing company on the web

If you’ve been searching for a compatible dental internet marketing company to team up with and help increase patient flow, look no further than 123 Postcards. Not even Match.com could make a better fit. So what makes us that ideal partner you’ve been looking for? Well, we’re incredibly attentive for starters. In fact, when you’re […]

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Dentist marketing services you didn’t know were available

If you think we’re just another direct mail company offering you the standard dentist marketing services, i.e. creating and mailing postcards, you would be very wrong. How are our dentist marketing services different? Well, maybe you should better understand what our competition does. Because we have the absolute lowest pricing available, other companies try to […]

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The Cadillac of dentist advertisement companies

Not to toot our own horn, but we can safely say that we are the Cadillac of dentist advertisement companies in terms of the quality and array of services we offer. The only thing that isn’t grand about us is our price tag. In fact, we offer the cheapest direct mail campaign on the planet. […]

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Dental marketing tips you won’t have to remember

You’re here because you are trying to find the best way to advertise your dental practice. And we’re here to tell you we know how to do it. However, you don’t have to remember our dental marketing tips because we will not only tell you the most effective way to run an advertising campaign, but […]

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