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5 Things That Will Make or Break A Lead

Dental practice marketing is a game of leads. Those who show interest and need dental services should be taken care of. Equipping yourself and your staff with the following knowledge will enable you to actively project, plan, implement best practices. Handling Missed Calls Your office receives up to 80% of incoming business via telephone. Missing […]

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The 9 Best Resources for Dental Marketing

Marketing your dental practice can be tricky business. After all, you graduated in dentistry – not marketing! But it doesn’t have to be that hard. By utilizing these 9 best resources focusing on marketing for dentists,  you’ll have a lot more success keeping your current patients and winning over many more. 1- Strategy Analysis How do […]

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Take Aim! The Importance of Hitting Your Target Prospective Patient

Your dental practice reasonably could be an ideal fit for each individual requiring dental treatment yet, even in a much-required, health-based business, all potential patients don’t view it that way. Addressing the needs of a wide variety of patients is one of the numerous business dilemmas you confront every day, as well as remaining fully […]

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7 Factors That Will Improve Dental Marketing Postcard Campaigns’ Card Performance

Successful direct marketing postcard campaigns don’t just happen by chance, it is a science!  We don’t base our mailings on our “personal feelings” about a card design and hope it works.  We are applying proven strategies to the card design that we know will improve the performance of that dental marketing campaign.  In this blog post, […]

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Dental Marketing Mistakes You Have To Avoid

There was a time when dentists had nothing else to rely on but traditional means to market their dental practice. Today, with the advent of the Internet and social media, dental professionals the world over have gained an invaluable tool, not only for promoting their services to get warm bodies through the doors of their […]

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Headlines & Callouts for Spring

  One of the most important aspects of any type of marketing is timing. Understanding the importance of timing helps keep your messaging dynamic and relevant. With spring starting next week now is the time to start considering ways you can gear your marketing for the season. Below we’ve compiled some examples of headlines and […]

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The 6 Absolute Must Do’s Before Doing Any Marketing: Design Edition

Grovewood dental postcard example

  When sending out direct mail marketing, professional-looking design can set you apart from your competitors. We’ve compiled the most crucial aspects for creating the best marketing pieces to attract prospective patients.   Obtain a hi-res logo and any awards or recognition you or your office may have earned. Show off who you are and […]

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Elements to Strengthen an Offer

Including an offer on your postcard accounts for as much as 20% of the postcard’s success. This being the case, the content to be added to the offer must be considered carefully. We’ve observed that a high percentage of slow-start mailings where the phone calls aren’t coming in as soon as expected include one of […]

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The Real Cost of a Missed Call

Did you realize that each time your staff doesn’t answer and return a missed call, it costs you $200?   By and large, you may miss around 35% of the calls that your postcard marketing efforts may produce. These missed calls from patients, return or potential, are because of a couple of controllable variables: they […]

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Facebook Ads to reach your target audience

The first step to any successful marketing campaign is identifying who it is that you want to target. Now more than ever, Facebook is capable of helping you reach them quickly and effectively. Whether your campaign is focusing on brand awareness, capturing leads, promoting an event or boosting a regular post, Facebook gives you the […]

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