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4 Things to Do With Your ROI

As your first cycle of mailing comes to a close, you should begin to see a return on your investment. You now know what it feels like to control the variables of your marketing efforts. Seeing your ROI grow, you can now plan to reinvest into your practice. This can be an exciting time for […]

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4 Essentials in Your 2015 Marketing Mix

Every business has the moment of realization that the quote “If you build it, they will come” is definitely not reality—especially in terms of gaining and retaining new dental clients. Having and running a dental practice is not enough in today’s competitive dental market.  You must see yourself both as a marketer and as a […]

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Dental Marketing to the Senior and Elderly

While most dental practices focus their marketing practice to younger adults and families, few are targeting senior and elderly adults. However, if your practice is located in an area with a large senior adult demographic, marketing directly to these older adults could be quite successful. Here are a few things to keep in mind when […]

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Branding: Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

Whether your dental practice is interested in social media, direct mail, or online marketing strategies, it’s crucial to have a strong branding message across all platforms. Here are a few branding principles to consider as you’re developing your dental practice’s marketing plan. An example of integrating logos and messages into promotional materials Key Messages One […]

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Marketing Your Dental Practice through Every Stage

The life cycle of a practice can be categorized into one of the following phases: establishment, growth, maturity, and post maturity. Post maturity can then be broken down to renewal, steady state, or decline. While many of you know the exact life cycle phase of your business, do you know what that phase requires in […]

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Postage & Delivery: The Art and the Science

Like most successful business ventures and decisions, you need to be artistic, creative, and adaptable. On the other hand, business requires exacts, calculation, and of course finances. Award-winning marketer, blogger, and author, Seth Godin, is known for his idea that everyone is an “artist.” While we all vary in skill level, what we do for […]

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How to Create Patient Loyalty

While bringing in new patients is at times the primary focus of your marketing efforts and resources, it is not the end of the road. Maintaining and fostering existing patient loyalty may save you time and even money. Find time to reflect on what you have done and can do to further your commitment to […]

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The Value of Missed Calls

Did you know that each time your staff doesn’t call someone back, it costs you $200? On average, you miss about 35% of the calls that postcard campaigns generate. These missed calls from clients, return or potential, are due to a few controllable factors: they are missed before you open, when you’re at lunch, closed […]

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How to Implement a Successful Mailing List

Mailing lists may seem outdated and simple in our age of technology, but with DentalMarketing.net’s proprietary software,  “low-tech” postcards can have high-impact ROI. While the correlation between the number of mailings and number of new clients should be taken into consideration, quality and efficiency should be the top priority for your mailing list. Here’s how […]

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Convert Phone Leads into New Patients

Phone Leads into money

You’ve designed a killer postcard, found the perfect target demographic, and your mailing just reached homes. Now what? Ideally, your phones will be ringing off the hook and you’ll be flooded with new patients. But there’s a step in between—converting your phone leads into new patients. Here are some tips for how to take your […]

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