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Whether your dental practice is interested in social media, direct mail, or online marketing strategies, it’s crucial to have a strong branding message across all platforms. Here are a few branding principles to consider as you’re developing your dental practice’s marketing plan.

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An example of integrating logos and messages into promotional materials

Key Messages

One of the essential aspects of branding is telling your practice’s story. “Key messages” are a great way to frame this story—these are messages that will relate to your audience and call them to action. Your practice’s key messages should incorporate the following aspects: claim, fact, and example.

Start with the claim—what exactly is it that you want to say about your brand? Perhaps you’d like to highlight your practice’s use of top-of-the-line technology or your commitment to superior customer service. Your claim should focus on a key value of your practice. Next, cite a fact that’s related to your claim that will help you share your story. This will help legitimize your account with concrete support. Finally, give an example of how your specific practice has met the message claim. This is where you’ll be able to relate to customers and include a call-to-action.


Establishing your logo should be a thoughtful process. Entrepreneur Media Inc. explains that a logo can be categorized based on two basic forms: abstract symbols (Apple Computer’s Logo) or logotypes (Coca-Cola). Many large companies use a combination of the two. Deciding on you logo should be based on the size and projected growth of your business. Many large companies establish a goal early on to create a recognizable abstract symbol, but this might not be realistic as a local dental practice.

While a logo may seem easy, especially with access to Photoshop or Adobe software, keep in mind that this singular logo will be what you use to brand and market your business. Take time to do your research and find what your logo really communicates to customers.

Brand Integration

An important part of building your dental practice brand is creating consistency across all your marketing efforts. This includes widespread use of your logo and key messages across your website, direct mailers, and social media. As you begin to use your branding elements across your marketing platforms, you’ll find that your practice will have improved brand awareness and a more professional appearance. To further spread brand recognition in your community, incorporate your logo into your paperwork, toothbrushes, bags, coupons, and more.

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