The sense of responsibility and care you feel for each patient should also be shared with your staff. While a patient’s experience is mostly based on your abilities, your staffs experience, and success is often based on their own ability to meet goals and fulfill their duties. Your dental assistants, hygienists, and office staff will perform best when they are trained, monitored, and then trained again. This will foster team and individual staff growth. How are you going to do this?

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Coaching and Training

As a Dentist and business owner you have a responsibility for the business development, education, and growth of your employees. As you educate and train your employees the returns will be three fold— they will benefit, you will benefit, and your patients will benefit. As your patient list grows through direct mailing campaigns you will have an added need for customer services and efficient office processes in handling the needs of your patients.

At we have listened to hundreds of thousands of incoming phone calls to dental offices across the nation. Through our experience we are capable of assisting you in training, measuring, and monitoring your staffs interactions with patients and potential patients. Training in addition to a well designed and implemented direct mailing campaign is the last step in harnessing all your variables.

Initial training will allow your staff to understand the big picture and process of your direct mailing campaign. This will leave them more empowered and comfortable dealing with patients, in addition to leaving them more comfortable and confident with their day to day duties. They will also see that they are an intricate part of the marketing and overall success of the company.


Following our complimentary, live, 45-minute staff training your staff will have access to hundreds of training videos that they and you can use for future questions, techniques, and in-office training sessions. These videos cover a variety of customer services, and marketing situations. They will allow your staff to be more effective in their work, culminating in more new patients scheduled.

Each training video is based around one of our 15 key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been identified and developed with years of experience to up your staffs closing ratio for appointments scheduled. The videos are specifically related to your selected, diverse, and unique mailing campaigns, allowing your staff’s time to only be consumed with relevant information, building towards your ultimate campaign goals.

While a one-time training and videos may not solve all your woes, and replace them with ideal customer service and sales traits, the training can again be modified and continued. Our staff will monitor all of your inbound calls while looking at the specific trainings that were given. We will then give feedback for future changes and training topics.

You owe it your staff to give them the best tools, and situation possible to help achieve your practice’s potential. You owe it to your customers as well. They need to be offered a staff that is trained and ready to perform in any situation, or react to any question and need. Your practice will be the better for it. Decide to control your variables today by contacting us here.