When Isaac Newton saw a small apple fall from a tree, a very large idea came to him. It was from this idea that he came to discover the law of gravity. Even though gravity has been around since the beginning of time, nobody recognized this immense force until then.

We’re here to show you something similar. As you search for the best dental advertising ideas, you will come to learn that all along there has only ever been one company to meet your needs: 123 Postcards. There is no more successful way to advertise your dental practice than with us.

For one, we don’t leave anything to chance. Most of our competitors will create a postcard for you using one of their generic template designs. They typically require to you to print and pay for the whole lot at once and then they mail out your postcards without knowing what will become of them or how successful they will be. Trust us; this haphazard approach is not the only direct mail campaign available to you.

With 123 Postcards, your progress is monitored every step of the way. We can help you create a custom postcard based on the design elements that have proven most successful amongst the millions of postcards we have mailed out in the past. We also track your mail: we know when it leaves the courier’s hand and when it is in the postbox of your future client.

Based on the unique phone number we assign to the postcards, we record and review all calls made to your dental office. This way we know exactly how many people are responding to their direct mail advertisements, and how many of those become your patients with your firm. Furthermore, we analyze the performance of your staff in converting these callers to patients and can train them with the tips and techniques we have compiled that have proven most successful in facilitating caller-to-patient conversion.

Oh, and did we mention that you will increase your return on investment by at least 2-4 times, if not more? That’s right—our dental advertising ideas are a force to be reckoned with.