Cosmetic dentist marketing definitely has its challenges, especially considering today’s economy in which it is difficult to justify paying the price for cosmetic treatments. That’s why it’s a wise choice to team up with 123 Postcards—your cosmetic dentist marketing experts. We have a 99.1% success rate, with 95.7% of our clients making a 200% to 400% return on investment!

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Furthermore, and very importantly, 123 Postcards allows you to be selective about who you send your cosmetic dentist marketing postcards to. Unlike our competitors who will only mail your postcards to some zip code without any idea who will receive your advertisements (which we find a little careless), we deliver your postcards to the type of patient you would like to see in the dentist’s chair. Once we have established who your ideal patient is, we will make sure that your cosmetic dentist marketing postcards are sent to people within this demographic.

We also offer you complete exclusivity. This means that, as long as you are regularly mailing cosmetic dentist marketing postcards with us, we will not advertise any other practices to the same people we advertise your practice to. We are completely dedicated to your success, and as such, we do not expect you to share your business with your competition.

As you may have determined, 123 Postcards is much more than a direct mail company. We provide more services than any else. Starting a cosmetic dentist marketing campaign with us will bring you the greatest amount of success at the lowest price out there!