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Dental Branding is something 123 Postcards knows a thing or two (hundred) about. This is because we are so much more than your typical direct mail company. We have a success rate that is unheard of in the dental world: 99.1%! What’s more, 95.7% of our clients make a 200% – 400% return on investment as a result of our dental branding and marketing.

Just where does our dental branding knowledge come from? Experience has a lot to do with it. We have literally mailed millions of dental postcards all over the country. This has allowed us to learn which elements of advertising (such as design, delivery and saturation) are the most effective. Furthermore, we constantly analyze each client’s dental branding campaign in order to know if there are any factors that need to be adjusted (such as receiving too many new clients each month—trust us, this can happen!).

When it comes to your dental branding postcards, you can customize one of our designs that have a proven high success rate or you may create your own unique postcard with the assistance of our brilliant design team. Our team will incorporate the elements of dental branding design that are most likely to convert postcard recipients into patients. Take a look at some of the dental advertisement samples we have designed for our clients.

Additionally, you can be picky about who receives your dental branding postcards. Our competitors will mail your postcards to a random zip code without any idea who will receive your advertisements. In our opinion, this is careless. What we do is identify who you would like to see in the dentist’s chair. Once we have determined who this type of person is, we will deliver your dental branding postcards to this demographic only. This is an essential tactic when it comes to branding your dental practice.

We also offer you complete exclusivity. This means that we will not advertise any other practices to your postcard recipients. We are completely dedicated to your dental branding success, so we do not expect you to share your business with your competition.

Are you ready to learn more about how 123 Postcards can revolutionize your dental branding? Don’t hesitate to call us at 877-319-7772 to find out more about our dental branding services.