123 Postcards offers dental practices the very best dental marketing materials out there—guaranteed! And no, we don’t just offer standard direct mail services. We provide an entire dental marketing solution with a 200-400% return on investment!

As far as dental marketing materials are concerned, you can either customize one of our proven successful postcard designs, or you can create your own unique postcard with the guidance of our excellent team. We will utilize the elements of design that will convert most postcard recipients into patients in your dental practice.

Our dental marketing materials are also top quality. Your postcards are printed on premium-grade cardstock, projecting a professional appearance to accentuate the standard and credibility of your dental practice.

Furthermore, you can choose who receives your dental marketing materials. Our competitors will only mail your dental marketing materials to a random zip code without a clue what kind of person actually receives your postcards. This haphazard approach is not something we endorse. We only mail your dental marketing materials to the type of person you wish to see in the dentist’s chair. Once we have your perfect patient figured out, we are sure to only mail your postcard to this demographic.

As we’ve already mentioned, we go a lot further than offering you supreme dental marketing materials and making sure you advertise to the right kind of people; we guarantee you will get big results. We attach a unique phone number to your postcards that is routed to your dental practice. This allows us to report how many postcard recipients are making appointments with your practice. And if you miss a call from someone who received a postcard, we email you right away to let you know. 123 Postcards also trains your staff on the best tips and techniques for converting callers into patients.

Oh, and did we mention that, besides being the most effective, we are the cheapest dental marketing solution out there? Your dental marketing materials are the only (out of many) service we charge for, and each postcard costs about a dime less than a postage stamp!