Most people know that when it comes to marketing, audience is key. Cap’n Crunch probably doesn’t appeal to a 75 year-old as much as it does to a 7 year-old. Therefore, advertisements for this cereal are probably going to appeal to children rather than elderly people.

Many direct mail marketing companies don’t utilize this valuable piece of knowledge and therefore do not take care to send dental marketing postcards to the type of people they want to see in their practice. Instead, they mail a general postcard to a specific region on a map or to a certain zip code.

We just don’t think this as an effective way of doing things. Knowing how important it is that you understand your target demographic in the world of advertising, we make sure to learn who your ideal patients are, and only send mail to your audience of choice. Unlike our competitors, we don’t advertise other dental marketing firms to the same people who receive your dental advertising postcards. We think it’s insane to ask you to compete with another one of our clients.

When it comes to working with 123 postcards, the most work you have to do is either select a template from one of our proven designs, or work with our design team to create custom dental marketing postcards. We will assign a unique phone number to each batch of postcards. This way, we will be able to identify which of the calls to your practice originated from a postcard recipient.

Furthermore, we record and rate these calls based on the 37 most successful caller-to-patient conversion techniques compiled from the thousands of calls we have reviewed in the past. We will train your reception staff to incorporate these techniques when speaking to callers. This will undoubtedly increase the number of patients who walk through your door.

As you can see, we don’t just provide dental marketing postcards. Our focus is to help you attract and maintain new patients. After all, your patients are your most valuable asset. We never forget it!