Facebook and Twitter tend to be responsible for “getting the word out” these days, so direct mail may sound like a dated method of marketing your dental office. This may apply to many direct mail companies. However, 123 Postcards is not merely a direct mail company. In fact, postcards are just one aspect of the dental marketing solutions we offer.

What do our dental marketing solutions entail? Firstly, we don’t leave a thing to chance. Other direct mail companies will typically provide dental firms with a postcard based on a generic template. Having done this, they will print your whole order and give you a mailing schedule. Over the next 6 or so months you will have to mail the postcards to a randomly assigned zip code. Because the whole order of postcards will have been printed at once, you will not be able to change any information on your cards or include any promotional offers. Furthermore, our competitors do not know what becomes of your mail or how successful your advertising efforts will be.

Quite frankly, we at 123 Postcards just don’t think that’s good enough. From the beginning we can assure you of success by creating a custom postcard that includes the most successful design elements based on the innumerable dental marketing solutions we have been part of. Furthermore, we only print and deliver your postcards in batches (no contract required) to your target demographic; not just any old zip code.

Furthermore, we include a phone number on each batch of postcards. This number is routed to your dental office phones. Any calls from this number are recorded and reviewed. This allows us to document how many people are responding to your postcards, and from there, how many of those callers are becoming patients.

We offer many, many more dental marketing solutions. And all of them—ALL of them—are free. We don’t just provide the best solutions, but we are the cheapest partner out there. Oh, and did we mention that we guarantee a return 2-4 times the size of your investment? You can’t argue with a promise like that!