You’re here because you are trying to find the best way to advertise your dental practice. And we’re here to tell you we know how to do it. However, you don’t have to remember our dental marketing tips because we will not only tell you the most effective way to run an advertising campaign, but we will also do all the work for you.

You see, we’re not just about delivering direct mail; we will become your business partner as well. We will make the process as streamline as possible and will incorporate the most effective dental marketing tips we have gathered as a result of the experience of countless successful clients.

Here are a few of our dental marketing tips and techniques:

  1. Monday Delivery and Tracking: Unlike our competitors who merely place your postcards in the mail and hope for the best, we make sure that your postcards are delivered as close to Monday as possible (because mail received earlier in the week has the highest rate of success). We also track your mail from the time it leaves the post office to the time it reaches your potential patients’ mail boxes.
  2. Call Scoring: On every batch of postcards is a unique, local phone number that we link to the phones in your practice. Calls made on this number are recorded. Our team analyzes these recordings to discover how many of these callers actually make an appointment.
  3. Daily Reports: Knowing your return on investment dollar by dollar is extremely helpful for best operating your campaign. As such, we create daily reports based on how many postcard recipients have contacted you and how many are scheduling appointments.

Remember, these services don’t cost an extra cent. All you pay is per postcard (about a dime less than a postage stamp). Now that might be something should remember!