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If you think we’re just another direct mail company offering you the standard dentist marketing services, i.e. creating and mailing postcards, you would be very wrong.

How are our dentist marketing services different? Well, maybe you should better understand what our competition does. Because we have the absolute lowest pricing available, other companies try to compete by making you sign a long-term contract with them. They will also print off all your postcards at once, which you will obviously have to pay for upfront. This means that you cannot make any adjustments to those postcards (such as promotions or information changes) unless you were to print them again. Then, once our competitors drop your mail at the post office, they have no way of knowing how successful or unsuccessful your marketing campaign will be

We at 123 Postcards see the above process as a great waste of time. We never tie our clients down to a contract, nor do we print all postcards at once. Rather, we only print the right amount per mailing schedule. This means that your postcards are fully customizable and can be adjusted to reflect any changes or promotions. We track your postcard delivery and ensure that they arrive in potential clients’ mail boxes as close to Monday as possible.

We also assign a unique telephone number to each batch of postcards that are delivered. This number is routed to your practice so that we can know how many postcard recipients are calling. These calls are recorded to discover how many of these callers actually schedule appointments. We analyze how these calls are being handled and provide free training based on proven criteria to help your staff better convert callers into patients.

As you can see, we differ greatly from our “competitors” who just print postcards. They do not share with us our experience in dentist marketing services. Contact us to find out more about how we can provide you with marketing solutions you may have never anticipated were available.