It’s true, 123 Postcards provides dentistry marketing techniques that blow our competition out of the water and brings your dental practice a lot of success and a substantial return on investment. The dentistry marketing tactics we offer are no secret. What it boils down to is that we pay close attention to detail and have incredible follow-through. These are traits you don’t typically associate with direct mail companies.

123 Postcards offers so much more than just postcards. When you work with us, we become your business partners. What’s even better is that you can just sit back and relax while we carry out our signature dentistry marketing strategies. Here are three examples of what we do:

1.     Monday Delivery and Tracking

Most of our competitors will create your postcards from a template. They then mail your postcards according to a schedule and hope for the best. Call us precise, but we don’t believe you can possibly guarantee successful dentistry marketing like this. As such, we deliver your postcards on, or close to, Monday (the earlier in the week your mail is received, the more likely you are to be contacted by your postcard recipients). What’s more, we track your mail from the time your mail leaves the post office to the moment arrives in the mail boxes of your future patients. We will not take the risk of your dentistry marketing efforts getting lost!

2.     Call Scoring

Each postcard is assigned a local telephone number that is routed to your dental practice. All calls made to this number are recorded and reviewed by 123 Postcards. This allows us to know how many postcard recipients are responding to your dentistry marketing efforts. In addition, we provide your staff with tips and strategies for handling calls and improving the caller-to-patient conversion ratio.

3.     Daily Reports

Being aware of your return on investment is extremely helpful in terms of knowing the strength of your dentistry marketing campaign. We create daily reports (available 24/7) that show you how many postcard recipients have contacted your dental practice and how many of those callers are actually becoming patients.

This is just a glimpse of our dentistry marketing methods that will undoubtedly bring many new patients and substantial profit to your practice. All these services are free. You pay for the postcards, and that’s it!