Sounds like some bogus diet-pill advertisement, right? Wrong. One thing’s for sure, our promises are anything but bogus. We know that it is difficult to know which new patient marketing campaign is going to work best for you, but we guarantee that when it comes to 123 Postcards, there is no toss-up whatsoever.

We promise that not only are we the cheapest company to work with, but we also guarantee that the new patient marketing campaign we create on your behalf will increase your monthly revenue by atleast 2 – 4 times your investment. Would you like to see how we get these numbers? Take a look out our ROI calculator.

Statistically, a new dental patient is worth (on average) $1,000 during the first 6 months. If we mail 10,000 postcards, we make a modest estimate (based on other customers) that 40 postcard recipients will contact you. We then estimate that 22 out of the 40 callers will schedule appointments. At $1000 for each new customer, your practice will earn an additional $22,000. Subtract the $3,790 you spent on postcards, and your profit will be $18,210.

How can you make this return on investment without having to do a single thing? We take care of your entire new patient marketing campaign— from tracking your mail (which we only send to your target demographic), to evaluating calls and analyzing how many callers are scheduling appointments. We also train your staff to handle phone calls coming into your practice.

Additionally, we create daily reports updating you on the status of your new patient marketing campaign and current projected return on investment. These reports may be accessed 24/7 at your convenience. This way, you will know where your new patient marketing campaign stands at all times!