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Facebook is more than just a place to connect with old friends and “like” celebrity pages.  Facebook has become a place for businesses to market to a broader audience with multiple ads.  Below are three tips to help you make the most of your Facebook marketing campaign.

Specifically targeting your ads allows you to market to niche groups
By targeting specific demographics, you can advertise niche services to a narrow group.  This method can keep your costs down while only taking a few conversions for a pretty high return on interest.  Facebook will allow you to advertise what people want.  You can get specific by selecting: location, age, gender, education, workplaces, relationship, “likes,” connections, etc.  For example, engaged people want whiter teeth or veneers so send those ads their way.  Some people that “like” Enrique Iglesias will speak Spanish so set up those ads to be Spanish.  If you want pedo patients, target their parents.  By marketing to these specific groups and offering niche services, you will be able to increase your business.

Focus on your unique selling proposition not on gimmicks
When it comes to advertising on Facebook, you don’t have to offer discounts, coupons or gimmicks.  Feel free to really sell yourself and your unique selling proposition (USP).  Your USP is your expertise, your experience and the proof of your work displayed on your website.  It is key for you to sell benefits not features.

Limiting your ads limits your exposure
Since advertising on Facebook is relatively inexpensive, you have the ability to run multiple ads to reach more groups or to see which ad is more successful.  Spend more on your cost per click for the ads that have your logo.  No one will click your logo like they would on a funny picture, so you can afford to have your logo shown thousands of times a day.  This will result in free branding to a huge audience.

Get started and have fun
Finally, remember to have fun with Facebook ads.  Facebook is at the top of the social media ladder.  People go there to connect, to unwind and to get distracted.  Make sure your ads are simple, clear and fun.  A serious picture is not going to get as many hits as a funny picture.  Try out multiple ads with different pictures or copy, target to various demographics and focus on your unique selling proposition.  By doing this, you will broaden your audience, get your name out there and increase your practice.