123 Postcards knows a thing or a thousand about pediatric dental marketing. This is probably due to the large amount of clients we have had requesting a pediatric dental marketing campaign and then achieved outstanding success!

One of our successful pediatric dental marketing techniques is targeting. Instead of mailing your postcards to some zip code, we actually identify who your ideal patient is, such as age, income, etc. We then make sure that we send your postcards to this demographic. This tactic alone will bring you more patients than if you work with another direct mail company that sends your postcards to some region on a map.

In an effort to compete with our prices, our pediatric dental marketing competitors will often require that you enter into a long-term contract. They will create a postcard for you—typically from a template—and give you a mailing schedule that you will have to stick with over the next 6-12 months. They will then walk away and leave it to you.

In our opinion, these pediatric dental marketing services are inefficient and completely inappropriate due to the unnecessary risk involved. For example, what if you are not achieving your desired pediatric dental marketing goals? What if you want to change some contact information on the postcard or include a dental office promotion? This would be impossible because you would be locked into a contract and your postcards would have already been printed.

We also place great emphasis on performance analytics when it comes to pediatric dental marketing. We print a unique, local telephone number on every batch of postcards we deliver. Any call made to this number is recorded and therefore lets us know how many postcard recipients are making contact with your practice. In addition, if you miss a call from one of these callers, 123 Postcards will immediately let you know via email that you missed a call and will provide the caller’s telephone number. As such, not a single caller needs to go unaccounted for and your pediatric dental marketing dental efforts will not go to waste.