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While bringing in new patients is at times the primary focus of your marketing efforts and resources, it is not the end of the road. Maintaining and fostering existing patient loyalty may save you time and even money. Find time to reflect on what you have done and can do to further your commitment to your dental practice patients.


Loyalty Program

Simply put, if you don’t already have one, get one. 91% of companies have a customer engagement or loyalty program. Loyalty programs allow your clients to get involved on another level. A loyalty program can change a customer psyche from “I’ve been there before,” to “that’s where I go.”

Loyalty programs can be implemented in a variety of forms. Finding a system specific to your patient demographic is the first step in beginning or changing your office’s loyalty program. Demographics are key to understanding your targeted clients’ needs.

Also, while you are targeting an audience of customers, allow those same customers to opt into the loyalty service or program. Even when faced with obvious decisions, customers feel better having a choice, and they should. They are what the whole program is about, right?

As you narrow your target audience and find the right strategy for your practice, remember a couple of things:


When structuring your loyalty program, structure it for growth. Establish discounts and promotions that you think your patients will enjoy. For example, use set seasonal or holiday promotions each year to give clients something to look forward to. Find discounts and prices that fit the needs of your practice needs and your targeted demographic.

Correctly structuring your loyalty program will allow you to safely offer discounts and promotions. Keep discounts and promotions logical and time appropriate to keep both your patients and your bottom line happy.

Staff and Customer Interactions

While customers can easily become loyal to the practitioner, your practice must also commit to loyalty. Develop an office culture understood by staff and patient alike that your patient will always be treated with the highest level of professionalism and care. Your staff are the face of your customer experience and are the foundation to building client loyalty.

Client Loyalty Comes Full Circle

82% of small business owners said that loyal customers are the main way they grow their business. As you invest, plan, implement, and sacrifice to develop a culture and practice that fosters customer loyalty, remember the client.

The client should ultimately be the guide to good business and marketing decisions. Take feedback, insight, and even complaints in stride. As you open ears, doors, and loyalty programs to your patients, remember that they will give back. They will continue to return and the power of word of mouth with begin to work in your favor. Your investment, effort, and professional care will come full circle as clients become loyal to your practice.