Isn’t that the truth? Running a dental practice is busy enough as it is without the concern of having to advertise your services.

If you’re considering the effective method of direct mail, you are probably thinking you just need to find a company that will print and mail your postcards. I mean, what else can they do?

Trust us, there is plenty more that can be done, but we are the only company that will expand your dental marketing plans from a mere direct mail campaign to a fail-proof dental marketing solution.

One of our solutions is performance analytics. To do this, we print a unique phone number on your postcards. This way we can track which calls to your practice originated from a postcard. You will also be alerted of any missed calls from those who contacted you through your postcard advertisement. We email you the second a missed call hangs up. This way you won’t miss a single opportunity to get in touch with those whom your advertisement has reached.

Before we even mail a single postcard, we can give you a good indication of how successful your dental marketing plans will be. Then, throughout your campaign, we will continually do all your marketing analysis free of charge. We create reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These reports show you the “live” progress of your dental marketing plans. They reveal how many calls have been made as a result of your advertisements, as well as how many of those callers actually scheduled an appointment.

All you have to do is log in to an account at any time of any day to see exactly how your dental marketing plans are panning out, as well as the current measure of your return on investment (which will be at least between 200% – 400%).

We guarantee we will bring a lot of new patients to your door. This way, you can focus on running your dental practice without having to worry about making your own dental marketing plans.