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Marketing dental practices can be tough because the dental market is saturated in many cities. You therefore need a campaign for marketing dental services that will defeat your competition.

123 postcards is the only company that can guarantee you will have a huge impact when it comes to marketing dental practices. One reason for this is because we stay in the game from the time we create your postcards to the moment new patients are walking into your practice. We will literally be counting how many people who received your advertisement are entering your practice each month.

We are able to do this because of performance analytics. We assign a unique telephone number to every batch of postcards we deliver. Any call made on this number is recorded. This lets us know how many postcard recipients are making contact with your practice. If you miss a call on this number, we will let you know immediately by email and will provide you with the caller’s telephone number. This means that not a single caller needs to go unaccounted for and our energy put into marketing dental practices will not go to waste.

We believe the efforts made in marketing dental practices should be measured. We generate reports daily, weekly, and monthly to demonstrate the progress of your campaign. You will know how many calls have been made as a result of your advertisements, as well as your caller-to-patient conversion ratio.

In spite of the fact that you can’t put a price on our marketing dental practices services, you may want some idea of the numbers. It might interest you to know that almost all of our customers have made a 200% – 400% or more return on investment. Our competition cannot guarantee these statistics!