Like most successful business ventures and decisions, you need to be artistic, creative, and adaptable. On the other hand, business requires exacts, calculation, and of course finances.

Award-winning marketer, blogger, and author, Seth Godin, is known for his idea that everyone is an “artist.” While we all vary in skill level, what we do for work is our art. This allows you to be both passionate and technical, both naturally talented and trained. A dentist’s art is dentistry. Spreading the word about your art requires marketing.

At, we pride ourselves on being both artistic and scientific. From beginning to end we work with you closely to establish your target audience based on research and data. This process allows you to then creatively and systematically design a postcard that will influence customers to act.

Our process then goes on to use our state-of-the-art software to track the performance of your postcards. Listening to every call, we implement staff trainings and mailing tweaks to better your results. Understanding the overall picture allows you to better appreciate our postage and delivery service.

Postage and Delivery

5298151724_015038426c_bPostage and delivery is a great example of combining art and science. It may seem very systematic and strictly based on logistics, but when paired with the right variables and years of our proprietary research, the implementation becomes artistic. Our team has years of experience to not only predict the best results but also the know how to implement them. Our research has proven that strategic drop shipping will give your campaign the following benefits:

In addition to providing professional drop shipping services, we implement a number of strategic mailing practices to ensure your campaign succeeds. For example, we practice start-of-week delivery, as it maximizes the window for your client to personally schedule a dentist visit for themselves and their family. To simplify the process, postage and delivery is completely covered in your campaign costs. In order to be as transparent as possible, we provide the delivery status of all your mailings, in addition to providing call tracking for all campaign-generated calls. processes have been perfected through the successful delivery of millions of postcards for hundreds of dentist across the United States and enhanced with state-of-the-art technology.

Photo via Ron Reiring / CC BY