Accent Orthodontics

Orlando, Florida

The team has been so fantastic to us here at Accent Orthodontics. The staff (Kristy in-particularly) has been patient and accommodating to all of our needs and changes that we’ve  asked to make our postcard the most optimal it can be!  Kristy has been my “go-to person” and she has been so kind and is always quick with her responses.

The dashboard technology is awesome; being able to hear your phone call and then being rated on how the phone call went is very helpful. The guidance videos that they are offer to optimize the phone calls are very constructive as well. This is our first month with the company and we already have phone calls coming in and new patients on the books. We have gone from treating an average of 20 new patients monthly to 50+. Thank you & Kristy Oakey! You are the best!!!

- Kalie Dillworth

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