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DeMille Mackay Dental Testimonial

Our office has been working with for the past year. They have made a huge improvement in growing our client base and helping us to get our schedule full. We were able to bring in another hygienist shortly after we started working with them. In my opinion they are one of the only marketing companies out there that show you the exact number of patients they are bringing you instead of just saying they are helping. They make you feel very confident in your investment in their company. Their staff is always awesome and very happy to work with. Our front office has loved getting tips and tricks on how to make our phone calls more effective. Meagan has been a delight to work with and is always as excited as we are about our success! Meagan and the rest of the employees are very professional and always very happy to help your office improve. You can tell they all really enjoy the company they work for.

- Dr. Parke DeMille

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