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We have been using DentalMarketing.net for over a year and a half now and have seen a steady flow of new patients in our office from the postcards. I have used other postcard companies in the past and have not seen results like those we’ve gotten from DentalMarketing.net. I love the dashboard; I love being able to listen to the calls per postcard; I also love being able to look at past designs and how they performed.

The one thing that really sets their team apart from other postcard companies is their amazing staff! I have two hardworking team members at DentalMarketing.net who make sure we stick to our deadlines every month, and also help me think of new and creative campaigns. I can give them an idea in the morning, and by the afternoon (even after 6-7 revisions) I have a finalized postcard! If I were to use a different company, that would be about a two week process! I am grateful for DentalMarketing.net’s speed and professionalism, and would highly recommend them!

- Johnson Family Dental Team

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