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Dr. Kejriwal started working with Dental 123 Postcards in 2014. Dr. Kejriwal and the MK Dental team has had much success for several reasons. We have been very consistent in our mailers and keep very consistent ads and have built a brand for Dr. Kejriwal in our community and the neighboring communities. The office works very closely with Aubrey Reilly and her team to ensure we are mailing to the areas that give us the best return by utilizing heat mapping and we mail to 5000 or 10,000 homes. Our front office team works diligently to ensure that we have high appointment closing percentages. This is key to having a successful marketing campaign and Aubrey and her team will provide training if needed. Our postcard mailers have been very successful for us and we average 5 to 10 new patients a month. We appreciate the guidance from Aubrey and her team to ensure we have continued success.

- MK Dental Excellence Staff

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