And how to start that marketing campaign? You really couldn’t have come across a better company than 123 Postcards. There is no other company that does what we do. Unlike us, our direct mail competitors do not actually have dental marketing strategies for existing dental practices or those starting a dental practice. Typically,  our competitors will print your postcards and mail them. And that is it.

When it comes to what we do to help those starting a dental practice, delivering postcards is only the tip of the iceberg. After carefully creating your postcards (you can choose to customize one of our proven designs or create a completely original postcard with the assistance of our expert design team), we mail and track them. The post office has a reputation for misplacing or losing mail. As such, we track your postcards from the time they leave the post office until the time they reach the correct mail boxes. Furthermore, we deliver your mail on Monday (or as close to Monday as possible) as mail received earlier on in the week guarantees greater success.

But, as stated, our dental marketing campaign goes much further than that—which is important for those starting a dental practice. We actually analyze how well your advertisements are doing by printing a local telephone number (routed to your dental practice) on your postcards. This allows us to determine which calls you are receiving as a result of the postcards. We record these calls so that we can figure out how many callers make a dental appointment. We also review these calls so that we know what tips to offer your staff to help them convert callers into patients.

If you are starting a dental practice, or already have one up and running, contact us to find out how to bring patients to your office and boost your business.