At, we treat our team like family. Recently, we had the opportunity to come together as a company to help two of our employees during a natural disaster. Two of our best IT professionals, Niraj Aryal and Chiran Subedi, were impacted by the earthquake in Nepal. Both are natives of Nepal and reside with their families in Kathmandu, an area affected greatly by the earthquake.

Shortly after the earthquake, Chiran reported the following:

Chiran and Pramila Subedi

There is still a panic situation, there are still lots of aftershocks, one of which reached 6.5 on the richter scale yesterday. The disaster after the 7.9 richter scale on Saturday was very devastating as you can see in the news. But the condition is even worst at the epicenter outside Kathmandu. Some of the villages are completely destroyed, and many up to 80 and 85 percent. The rescue and news team cannot reach to such remote places. It is really the worst situation. The electricity is down, the shops are closed, schools/colleges are off, and almost all of the survivors are outside on the road and open grounds.

A little while later, Niraj reported on the current state of affairs:

Niraj and Iesha Aryal

The aftershock in Kathmandu is rare and the intensity is low, with a just single jolt of ground. There is scarcity of water, food and medicine. The fear of another big shake is still there, but the fear of endemic is even higher. We returned back home and have left the roadside public camps after heavy rain. I should thank god that I didn’t lose a lot.

In an effort to show our support for our co-workers and all those suffering in Nepal, we decided that as a company, we would match all donations to the Nepal relief effort with a dollar-for-dollar match. Participants could choose to make their donation to the Red Cross, International Medical Corps, Charity Water, AmeriCares, or UNICEF. We also decided that if we hit our postcard goal for April, the company would donate an additional $1000 ($500 from and $500 from our sister company

In the end, we are happy to say that we collected dozens of contributions from 4 different continents, for a grand total of $2490. We would like to thank everyone who participated for showing their support for our team members in Nepal and for all those affected by the earthquake. We were very impressed with our team’s generosity and willingness to come together in this time of great need.

Chiran and Niraj are a crucial part of our team and have done a lot for our company. Without their contributions, our systems would not be what they are today. Together, and offers our continued support to Chiran and Niraj as Nepal continues its recovery efforts.