8690880347_a625fec96c_zYour dental practice realistically could be a perfect fit for every person needing dental services, but even in a highly needed service-based business all customers don’t see it that way. Fitting the needs of a wide array of customers is one of the many business challenges you face daily, not to mention staying up to date with the newest trends within your line of expertise. While it could be safe to say that anyone with teeth is a likely client, unfortunately it’s not that simple.

The draw to your practice is much more than about teeth. Some clients frequent another office because of a slew of reasons: personal connection to another practitioner—family friend, neighbor, etc., geographic proximity, scheduling, customer service interests, and often financial situations. Targeting your target audience is the ideal counter attack to a confusing, and often frustrating dental market. But who realistically is your target audience, and more importantly your ideal prospective client?

Demographic Report

DentalMaketing.net will not only design, print, deliver, and track mailer effectiveness, but will also provide preliminary research through a demographic report. The report will provide you with a clear view of prospective clients living near your practice. Targeted demographics and mailing lists mean higher success rates for your marketing efforts.

Far too often marketers only provide you with a few of the tools you need to succeed. Even well designed postcards and slogans can fall flat if they are sent to the wrong prospective clients. DentalMarketing.net will provide you with the facts needed prior to design, printing, and total shipping. Being provided with the statistical information around your practice will allow you to control the variables.

Targeting Benefits

Relying on more specific data in place of broad mass numbers allows you to really communicate to the needs of your patients. For example, if our demographic report shows a statistically significant number of those living within 10 miles of your practice have 3 or more children, you can base your direct mailing marketing efforts around family and child promotions. While this may seem obvious, you will not truly know local demographics without a demographic report.

Market to your clients not yourself. DentalMakerting.net will help you along the way. Based on demographic information and other variables you will know what will interest your audience of potential clients. While one aspect of your services may appear noteworthy to you as a practitioner, it may not fit the marketing needs of your future clients.

Listening to your perspective clients first will allow you to correctly target your direct mailing campaign. You will also see that demographic information will benefit your customer service efforts. As you know the individuals and families that will be calling your phones and walking through your doors you will be equipped to more fully provide for their customer needs. We can better serve those you better understand.

Successfully targeting your marketing efforts is the first step in having a successful patient-provider relationship. Contact DentalMarketing.net today to take aim at your target audience.

Photo via Nicolas Raymond / CC BY