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Trying to find good dentist marketing ideas is not simple. There are a lot of dental practices to compete against, so your dentist marketing ideas need to stand out above and beyond anyone else’s and give you the edge. And that’s our cue . . .

123 Postcards guarantees that when you work with us and implement our dentist marketing ideas, you will have a higher success rate than you would with any other marketing company. We have the facts and figures to prove it, too. With a success rate of 99.1%, it’s hard to fault our dentist marketing ideas. And just how successful? 95.7% of our customers make at least 200% – 400% return on investment!

So just what are some of our winning dentist marketing ideas? Take a look at a few:

Monday Delivery and Tracking

The majority of our competitors in the direct mail business will generate your postcards from a template. They will then mail them and wait to see if business improves for their clients. We do not believe you can measure the success of your dentist marketing ideas and campaign this way. To counter this problem, we make sure that your postcards are delivered on Monday (or as close to Monday as possible—mail received earlier in the week has a higher success rate). We also track your mail from the post office to the homes of your potential patients.

Call Scoring

We assign your postcard with a local telephone number routed to your dental office. Our team records and reviews all calls that originate from this number. As such, we are able to discover how many postcard recipients are responding to your advertisement. Furthermore, based on our extensive experience with hundreds of customers, we offer tips and techniques to your staff to help them handle calls and convert more callers to patients.

Daily Reports

Being aware of how successful you have been in incorporating our dentist marketing ideas and calculating your return on investment is vital for knowing how well your marketing campaign is working for you. As such we create daily reports (accessible online 24/7) that show you how many postcard recipients have contacted your dental practice, as well as how many of those callers are actually becoming patients.

Contact us to find out what other dentist marketing ideas we have and how we can offer you these services for free. That’s right—all you pay for are the postcards, and those are about a dime less than a postage stamp!