Uploaded image havens-dental-back1.pngOur overall dental marketing process includes demographic mailing lists, call scoring, reporting, staff coaching, and other marketing benefits, in addition to individual and unique designs. Postcard design is a key process of your overall direct mailer success. With millions of mailers in our design history we know what it takes to target and create conversions exclusively for dental practices.

Design Questionnaire

We begin the design process with what you want. We develop a design based on your practice, your ideas, your marketing—allowing you to control the variables that will add up to be your brand and marketing campaign. We will facilitate the process all the way though, beginning with a design questionnaire you will have complete control and access to your design.

The questionnaire will gather pertinent information such as your preferred logo, favorite art work, images, and photos. We will stream line these choices with your chosen slogans, offers, and other design elements giving you a uniform and polished mailer.

Slogans, Offers, and Design Elements

Selecting the right slogan, offer, and other design elements will be a critical aspect to a successful mailer. We will brainstorm, assist, and help all along the way. We want your mailers to convert. Any revisions needed before your first mailing is done for free. We want your mailers to be just right before we share them with your future clients.

In the beginning of the design process, take a look at hundreds of our previous designs, that have driven successful campaigns in the past. These designs are persuasion proven and will help you come up with unique and effective mailers. Whether your mailing cycle will be seasonally based, e.g. back to school mailers, or promotionally based, e.g. $400 off dental implant treatment, you will want to view previous mailers for inspiration. We want to assist you in creating a mailer that will ensure the best results time and time again.

Adjustments . . . If Needed

While we are confident in preparing successful mailers from the beginning we are ready to adjust after the first mailing to drive your conversion and meet your practice’s goals even further. Based on DentalMarketing.net data we will find what aspects of the previous mailer was driving in business—the promotion, the easily visible phone number, or the printed promotion end date. We will be prepared to know what is working and what can be adjusted for subsequent mailings.

These variables will allow you to provide your potential clients with something to truly make educated decisions with. They will have convincing mailers in their homes to help get them to your practice—informed and happy with their choice.

You can rest assured the both the aesthetics and overall design of your postcards will be effective tools to get new patents. Contact us begin your postcard design process today.