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No matter what kind of business you run, the quality of your marketing materials is just as important as the quality of the services you provide. After all, if your marketing materials present an unprofessional image of your business, clients will not be inclined to purchase your services. Presenting a professional image in your advertising is perhaps even more important as the owner or practice manager of a dental office, as dental services might be some of the hardest services to sell to customers due to the near universal dislike of going to the dentist.

The Difference Quality Makes

The physical appearance and quality of any direct mailing campaign, perhaps obviously, is the first impression a potential client will get of your practice, even before they read a word. If the typeface is too big or small, words are cut off, margins are uneven, the paper feels cheap, or the ink appears faded, this immediately signals to potential clients that your practice is low quality or substandard. Poorly executed marketing materials make your practice look bad as a whole which is why quality design, paper, and printing is such a focus for us here at

Difference in PrintersThe Difference That Quality Printing Makes With Direct Mail Postcards - October 14th

LaserJet printers are the better choice for producing professional grade printed materials. Most people have inkjet printers in their homes, which are perfectly suitable for everyday printing. However, inkjet printers just cannot produce the sharp images and crisp text needed for a professional advertisement, meaning the quality of your postcards might suffer if you attempt to make them yourself. Other printing companies sometimes use a faster print setting or a lower quality paper to help them save on costs and time, but these practices will not help your dental practice find new clients.

What Makes A “Quality” Postcard?

This will depend on how you want a potential customer to feel about your practice upon picking up your postcard for the first time. For example, perhaps you want to market your practice to people who are afraid of going to the dentist, and so you want to stress how gentle and nice your dental hygienists are while using a more soothing font type or color. Perhaps you want to communicate a more down to earth feel by using white card stock, or a more classy and elegant image by printing on a heavier, textured beige paper.

In short, you will always want to be marketing your dental practice, whether your practice has been in business for fifty years or whether it has just opened. At, we will create a unique postcard of unrivaled quality while adhering to proven design elements. Let us help you grow your business with quality postcards that potential customers won’t just want to throw away.