If you’ve been searching for a compatible dental internet marketing company to team up with and help increase patient flow, look no further than 123 Postcards. Not even Match.com could make a better fit.

So what makes us that ideal partner you’ve been looking for? Well, we’re incredibly attentive for starters. In fact, when you’re with us, you don’t have to lift a finger. We only offer the best, so when it comes to direct mail, your postcards will look incredible. You can either create a custom design with our design team, or choose one of our existing, successful templates.

Then, unlike the other less mindful dental internet marketing companies, we don’t just send your postcards to any old region on the map or to some zip code. Instead, we make sure we understand what type of person you wish to attract to your dental firm and send postcards to this demographic only.

Additionally, we make sure that your postcards are delivered quickly and as close to Monday as possible. We also never leave them vulnerable with the United States Postal Service, but instead track them every bit of the way.

We will never go behind your back like some of our competitors. That is to say, we like to keep things exclusive. As long as you are mailing with us on a regular basis, we will never promote other dental firms to the same recipients of your postcards.

123 Postcards won’t leave you guessing or wondering where things stand. Our competitors tend to mail your postcards and leave the rest to chance. We’re more committed than that! We place a unique phone number (routed to your practice) on your postcards. As such, we know whether or not a caller is contacting you as a result of the advertisement. You also don’t have to fear missing any calls from postcard recipients. The instant you miss a call, we will inform you and provide you with the caller’s number. This way you can reach out to that potential patient at your earliest convenience.

We have great credentials to boot. We are the lowest costing dental internet marketing company, but we provide the best results. In fact, we guarantee a minimum of 2 – 4 times return on investment. Promises don’t get sweeter than that!

Contact us for a free consultation. There is no doubt that this dental internet marketing company will make you very happy.