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It may strike you as strange that we would compare ourselves to the world’s most famous fictional detective. What does direct mail have to do with mystery anyway? Sadly, a lot more than you would probably be comfortable with. Most dental marketing firms have no evidence for what actually happens after they take their clients’ postcards to the post office.

You shouldn’t be happy to pay for a marketing campaign when you don’t know whether you’re going to make a loss or a gain. In fact, we think it is criminal when dental marketing firms take your money without having a clue what results you’re going to get. Enter our detective team at 123 Postcards . . .

First obvious problem: sending mail to specific zip codes. This is because you aren’t necessarily targeting people who are likely to become your customers. Our solution? We base your market area on the demographic of your ideal patient. We also give you a monthly mailing schedule, allowing you to bring in the ideal number of new patients without oversaturation.

Our competitors also fail to track your postcards. The post office is renowned for losing mail. That’s why we track your mail from the time it arrives at the post office until the time it is delivered to the homes of your potential patients. We also have a response guarantee. If you don’t receive a call originating from these postcards within 2 weeks, we will mail them again for free!

What’s more, we also assign a unique, local phone number to each batch of postcards. Our team reviews and analyzes the calls made via this number to discover how many callers convert to patients. We create daily, weekly, and monthly reports of these calls and project your return on investment. You have access to all this information at any time of the day.

As your dental marketing firm, we don’t leave a stone unturned, nor do we bypass a single step. Detailed, you say? No, you’ve just been settling for less. To us, it’s elementary.