imagesSo you’ve heard it all before—social media is the new age!  But how do you get your dental office up to speed with the times?  Twitter could be one of the answers for you!  Twitter has many advantages to offer businesses seeking online presence including:

Creating Client Relationships and Connections
The simple truth is, clients are loyal when they feel connected and committed to your dental office.  These days, Twitter is a key medium for creating these connections.  Twitter allows you to interact on a personal level with your clients.  Posting office updates, dental news, and promotions consistently is a great way to maintain a relationship between you and the client, even after the appointment is over.  The more positive points of contact that occur between client and dentist, the better connection you create.

Upping Your Online Brand Awareness and Presence
Reaching your entire audience can be a daunting task, but through effective social media presence, it is now attainable.  Up to date dental offices can no longer rely on a simple word of mouth marketing strategy to gain clientele.  Building an online presence through Twitter is a remarkable method to increase your office’s brand awareness.  Extending your brand helps get your practice in the mind of your audience, and keeps you on the forefront of your field.  Don’t be the last office to wise up and connect to your target!

It’s Cheap and Effective—Need We Say More?
Whether you decide to purchase Twitter advertisements/promotions, or simply post regular tweets, Twitter is an inexpensive marketing route.  Accounts on Twitter are free, and most promotions offered by Twitter are priced at cost per click (CPC), allowing for expense flexibility.  Because of this, Twitter can be one of the most cost effective marketing techniques that is available today!

Don’t forget that Twitter takes time!  Developing and maintaining your account is a process.  You cannot expect to create an account, post a few tweets and instantly get new clients.  As mentioned before, Twitter is about creating relationships and building trust, and building relationships takes time!  So don’t give up!  Keep tweeting, interacting with your clients, answering questions and engaging with other dentists, and you’ll be on your way to Twitter success!

Photo via Twitter