businesswomen11Marketing and promoting your dental office toward women is effective when certain practices and methods are used.  The following three methods are key when marketing toward women:

Making Emotional Connections Creates Company-Client Bonds
Women respond to advertising when they feel there is an emotional benefit between themselves and the product.  Listing the features or functionality of a product or service will do little compared with portraying a product benefit.  This means making an appeal to the emotions.  Does your office make children feel happy?  Do clients feel apart of community within your office?  These are benefits that are attached to emotions.  Remember, people buy benefits, not features.

Consistency is the Key to Long Term Clients
Heard how women remember everything?  Well, its true, especially when it comes to client and product relations.  When you are positioning your dental office, make sure it is consistent across the board.  If you pride and promote yourself on quick and pleasant visits, make sure they are.   Every time.  Make sure waiting room time is minimal and there is plenty of entertainment available during the wait.  If the office is getting behind schedule, have a system set up where patients are notified via text or called about the delay.  Women love knowing in advance they have time to fit one more errand in, instead of sitting in a waiting room for 45 minutes thumbing through an outdated issue of Country Cooking.  Consistency and consideration for the client are the little things that act as the tipping point between your office getting lost in the yellow pages and rising above and beyond the expected.

Understanding Women Means Knowing what they Care About
Knowing what women want is half the battle when it comes to successful marketing.  So what do women really care about when making purchases?  (Note: It’s important to remember that dental work is a big purchase.  It’s the decision that will not only affect her oral health, but those of her loved ones as well).  Women want products and services that make their life easier, less stressful, and save time.  It’s your job to have your office meet those needs.  Make your practice an experience she can brag about to her friends when they complain about having to take their kids to the dentist.  Showing how your office can create a stable, stress free area of her life will eliminate the need to pull teeth to get her into the office (pun intended).

What Now?
Pick one area of your practice to make more female friendly and start there!  Focusing on one benefit of your practice and then remaining consistent is the key to effective results.  Promote that benefit and you’re golden!

Photo via Cision