Some dental offices spend way too much time using a dental marketing book to help them come up with ideas for advertising their practice. Besides the fact that a dental marketing book cannot auto update to incorporate current trends and best practices, you would also be entirely responsible for establishing and carrying out all your dental marketing tactics.

However, when you work with 123 Postcards we become your business partners. Your success is our success, and as such, we will do all the work for you. There is no need for a dental marketing book, nor do you need to come up with a marketing campaign. But don’t fear—our services don’t cost a single cent. When you partner with us, all you pay for are the postcards—and each postcard costs about a dime less than a postage stamp.

As a result of the relationships we develop with customers we have earned a lot of prized experience—something a dental marketing book cannot offer. Due to the millions upon millions of dental marketing postcards we have mailed across the country we have had the opportunity to assemble and evaluate the most effective aspects of our advertising campaigns. We then pass these tips and techniques on to new customers. Again, this is not a service a dental marketing book could offer.

Because customers are driven by the results a company came bring them, we are delighted to report that 123 Postcards has a success rate that is practically unheard of: 99.1%. We cannot think of another company or dental marketing book that can promise the same. Furthermore, 95.7% of our customers obtain at least 2 – 4 times or more their return on investment.