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Why Are Direct Mail Postcards so Effective at Gaining New Dental Patients - October 7thAccording to the United States Postal Service, postcards are the most likely to be read out of all the marketing materials available, so what makes these pint-sized paper products so effective? While many factors play a part in their success, here are a few key reasons why direct-mail postcards are powerful marketing tools in the dental

They Cultivate Name Recognition

Whether your practice is one of many in town or you’re lucky enough to be the sole provider, name recognition is crucial in gaining new patients. With new clients, you don’t have the advantage of a previously established and proven relationship, but if they’ve heard or seen your name before, they are much more likely to choose your practice over the competitions. A postcard can not only introduce your practice to potential patients, but it can also breed familiarity and raise awareness of your presence in the community. Since oral hygiene is so closely tied to one’s overall health, consumers don’t want to entrust it to just anyone, but seeing that familiarity conveys a sense of friendliness and trust, the occasional postcard allows them to book an appointment with confidence.

They Serve as Friendly Reminders

If truth be told, visiting the dentist isn’t exactly the average consumer’s favorite pastime. While the American Dental Association encourages regular dental visits at least every six months, approximately 25 percent of adults admit to not seeing their dentist in over two years. Even for someone who is faithful to their two appointments per year, their infrequency makes them easily forgotten. A friendly and inviting postcard, however, gently reminds them of their need for a cleaning, consultation or other service.

They Cater to Consumers’ Attention Spans

Thanks to the rise of the digital era with instant access to anything and everything, the attention span of today’s society is drastically shorter than in times past. The general design of a postcard, which typically combines colorful graphics with short blocks of text, lends itself to the fleeting eye of the beholder. Since many individuals quickly toss aside a document that mentions dental exams, a postcard’s easily scanned nature allows it to grab their attention and supply them with the information they need in just a few quick seconds. While lengthy letters and emails are beneficial when introducing yourself to new customers, they simply can’t compete with the condensed, impactful style of a postcard.

While direct-mail postcards can certainly be beneficial to any business, they are especially valuable to dental practices. Dentists have the unique issue of fighting against consumers’ fears and avoidance of oral exams. With the gentle reminder, name recognition and compact design provided by a postcard, you can emphasize a potential patient’s need for routine cleanings and introduce yourself as a trusted provider.

Photo via Vertical Response