“To get to the other side.” This is arguably one of the most famous jokes in our language. The unexpectedly straightforward answer is what makes the joke funny. You are caught off guard because you don’t believe the answer is going to be so simple. That’s exactly how it is with marketing your dental practice with 123 Postcards: astonishingly easy and uncomplicated.

Just how easy? Basically, you don’t have to do a single thing; we do it all and guarantee you a minimum of 200% – 400% return on investment. When it comes to marketing your dental practice, 123 postcards becomes your business partner. Rather than marketing your dental practice within a specific region on a map or to a certain zip code—as most of our competitors do—we only advertise to your target demographic. Also, unlike our competitors, we make sure we do not market other dental firms to the same potential patients. We consider this to be both detrimental and a gross conflict of interest.

Once we’ve mailed your postcards, we take care to measure their success. We do this by printing a unique phone number on each batch of direct mail. Of the people who call your practice, this allows us to identify those who are postcard recipients. Then we figure out your caller-to-patient conversion ratio.

It certainly doesn’t end there. We don’t just record and review these telephone conversations in order to discover how many callers are converting to patients, but also to learn how to best train your staff with techniques that have been proven over and over again to facilitate this conversion. We also provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports on your progress that you can access online at any time of the day.

In case you’re seeing dollar signs, don’t sweat. We’re cheaper than our competitors. We only charge per postcard—and the price is less than a postage stamp. There are no hidden fees or any extra costs for the services we offer. So if you’re wondering who should be marketing your dental practice, the answer is simple.