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So you’re trying to put together a dental practice marketing plan and you are wondering where on earth to start. It’s always a challenge knowing how to get the word out in a field where competition is tight. Considering you are probably looking for an original, cut throat idea, you may not jump at a dental practice marketing plan put together by what appears to be a direct mail company.

Yes, 123 Postcards does direct mail, but that is not all we do. In fact, it is only a vehicle for what we do. Unlike our competitors who will deliver your postcards to any old zip code, we work with you to identify the type of person you would consider your perfect patient and send your direct mail to this demographic. This is a win-win situation as more people are likely to respond to your advertisements, and you get more of the patients you would like to see in the dentist’s chair.

Our dental practice marketing plan is also unique in that we offer our clients exclusivity. This means that we will not send postcards advertising other dental practices to your same postcard recipients. This would be a gross conflict of interest, and in our opinion, unethical. You may or may not be surprised to learn that most advertising companies demonstrate this blatant lack of loyalty, and as a result, this conduct has become normal and acceptable. We advise that you do not settle for this kind of partnership. As long as you are mailing with us regularly, we will never expect you to compete against other dental practices’ advertisements.

The dental practice marketing plan we offer is much cheaper than any other you will find. This may be surprising considering the fact that we provide a great deal more services and guarantee a much higher success rate than anyone else. Why don’t we charge more? We are all about the law of reciprocity. We don’t forget who gives us our business and that your success is our success.

Due to the wealth of strong relationships we have developed with our dental practices and the subsequent millions of postcards we have mailed on their behalf, we have been able to determine the most effective dental practice marketing plan for our customers. It is no wonder we have a 99.1% success rate!