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Many dream about the luxuries associated with having a personal chef or personal trainer. Such extravagances would certainly make life a whole lot easier.

Well, guess what? We may not be able to prepare your meals or exercise regimens, but 123 Postcards can be your personal dental marketing consultant, and for no extra charge beyond that of the postcards.

What is the role of a personal dental marketing consultant, you may be wondering? Basically, instead of expecting our clients to be the marketing experts or come up with all the answers themselves, we will step in to analyze your situation and create a fail-proof advertising campaign.

Unlike our competitors who will not act as a dental marketing consultant, we don’t believe in delivering your postcards to specific zip codes. We don’t believe this targets people who are likely to become your customers. As a result, we will only mail your postcards to your ideal patient demographic. We also provide a monthly mailing schedule. This will help you prevent oversaturation of patients at any given time.

Furthermore, the post office inevitably loses a substantial amount of mail. Other companies don’t track your postcards, but we do. We know exactly where your mail is from the time we take it to the post office to the time it is delivered to the homes of your ideal patients. And we have a response guarantee. If your practice does not receive any calls within 14 days, we will mail your postcards again free of charge!

Oh, and did we mention that we are the only dental marketing consultant to offer our clients 100% exclusivity? As long as you are regularly mailing through us, we will never advertise any of your competition to your market area. We want the best for your practice and would not dream of asking you to share potential patients with your competitors.

But we’ve only just scratched the surface of why we are the only dental marketing consultant to work with. Contact us for a free consultation and find out more about the personal care you will receive when you work with 123 Postcards.