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Dental Advertising Postcard Design

dental advertising

Do you like Steve Jobs and Apple Computers?

Many people have strong opinions about both, but everyone would agree that one of the key elements of Apple’s success, if not the key element, is design. Apple knows that design is absolutely crucial to their success. It has helped them to become one of the most revered companies on the planet.

We feel that way about the design of your postcard! It’s crucial to the success of your dental advertising campaign. We give you the edge of knowing what designs are best and will get you the strongest response. We will customize one of our winning designs to your practice.

If you like, we also give you the option to develop a completely custom design for your practice, with as many revisions as are needed to get it right, for FREE.

We mail millions and millions of cards with a focus exclusively on dental advertising. We have learned a lot from monitoring the responses of all those cards. That experience and evaluation can be worth a great deal to enhance the success of your dentist advertising campaign and we include that too, for FREE!


When you are ready for more new patients in your practice, call us at 877-319-7772 or email us, and let’s start leveraging one of our winning cards for your practice.

How Dental Advertising Postcard Design Works

We will send you a short design questionnaire to gather all of your important information, and you will send us your logo, any additional artwork, and any photos that you would like to see on your card. When we receive your design questionnaire, we’ll help you come up with the rest! We know the best dentist advertising strategies to draw new patients to your practice, and you know your practice better than anyone. Your 123 Postcards team will work with you to come up with slogans, offers, and design elements to make your custom design a success.

Turnaround Time: 1 to 2 business days after receipt of survey, and then 1 to 2 business days for each set of revisions.
We also offer free Dental Advertising Postcard Design Critique for any previous ads or designs you may have used in the past that you may want to use for your new direct mail campaign with 123 Postcards.


PS: Some of our competitors try to compete with us by getting you to print cards for future mailings to keep the cost down. We will give you the best price for the best direct mail program available on the planet! And you won’t have to risk printing a ton of postcards that may not deliver the results. Call us today at 877-319-7772. We are the perfect partner to build your practice!