Lathrop Dental

Lathrop Dental Center

Do you want your startup practice to shrivel up & die? If so, quit reading. If not, call Dentalmarketing.net for their exceptional direct mail program. They are so effective that I just doubled my monthly mailers to drive even more new patients to my startup practice. The phone skills training was key for my staff […]

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Colin Lathrop | Texas
Dr. James Y Kim

James Y. Kim, DMD

Throughout our time using 123 Postcards, we have received an unbelievable amount of new patient phone calls that continue to grow with each mailing. The Dashboard tracker and the support from Corey, our account manager, has provided great advice on implementing new customer service techniques that helps to get the potential new patients scheduled. From […]

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James Y. Kim | Georgia
Sabino Hills Family Dentistry

Sabino Hills Family Dentistry

I opened my office 18 months ago and have always used some form of direct mail with varying degrees of success. New patients are THE most important thing in a startup, so I wanted to have an advertisement that really brought them in. I have worked with some very good companies who would design the […]

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Michael Allen | Arizona
affordable dentistry

Affordable Dentistry & Orthodontics

Not only have we received a ton of new patients over the last year, but we were able track them, listen to the incoming calls and see our history over the year. We truly believe in marketing that you can track and 123 Postcards has exceeded our expectations. We were able to give bonuses to […]

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Dr. Taylor | Texas

Perfect Smiles Dental Care

The postcards mailed out from Dental Marketing.Net company is a key puzzle piece in my overall multi-media marketing campaign. The results keep bringing me a constant stream of new patients per month allowing me to keep two doctors and three hygienists busy and productive. I especially like how they record every postcard phone call which […]

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Kelly Bridenstine, DDS | Kansas
Breeze Dental

Breeze Dental

Choosing dentalmarketing.net was the best decision our dental office has made! We have over 40 new patients each month, and those new patients have been referring their friends, families and co-workers to us as well. The design team at dentalmarketing.net is so friendly and helpful and really informative. We are so glad our postcards have […]

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Jeff Peifer | Arizona
Wesmark Family Dentistry Staff

Wesmark Family Dentistry

If only I knew back then what I know now about marketing; how different my practice and life would be now! Marketing is key to successful practice growth, and direct mail marketing has been the backbone of our practice’s success over the last 18 months. Postcards 123 has been the best way I have found […]

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Charles Hurst | South Carolina
Dr. Paes of Town Center Dental

Town Center Dental

We were referred to DentalMarketing/123 PostCards by a fellow colleague and we couldn’t be happier. We started our practice in December 2012 with zero patients and two employees. A few months later, we started using DentalMarketing to boost our new patient numbers. In the 9 months since signing up with them, we have seen a […]

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Dr. Wilkie S. Paes | New York
Pikeville Family Dentistry uses Dental Marketing mailers

Pikeville Family Dentistry

We love DentalMarketing.net and their whole team! Their customer service is top notch and their training has been invaluable to our office. To tell you the truth, our front office staff have a love/hate relationship with the postcards because they almost work too good and our phone rings off the hook every time! The amount […]

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Dr. Frederick Lee | Tennessee
Dental Marketing's Most Valuable Practice Hill Country Dental

Hill Country Dental

After purchasing an established practice in March of 2017, I realized that the growth potential of this practice was great, but the previous owner was satisfied with the number of patients he served and hadn’t marketed the practice for growth in many years. I located dentalmarketing.net through an online search and was impressed with their […]

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Dr. Perry, Christy and Team | Texas
Doylestown Dental saw success using dental postcards

Doylestown Dental

We at Doylestown Dental are very excited about the number of calls coming in with each monthly campaign! The timing of the increase in new patient calls couldn’t be better. Dental Marketing has been an excellent way to supplement our office with the exposure we may have lost by eliminating and changing some of our […]

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Dr. Maryann Jacko | Ohio
Limestone Family Dental Staff

East Limestone Family Dental

Working with Dental Marketing.net has been a fun and enjoyable experience since the start. They make the process so easy and really work to help build our practice. Everyone is professional, efficient, and customer oriented. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dental marketing team!

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Dr. Scott Fitts | Alabama
Southcoast Smiles and Perfect Smiles used Dental Marketing

Perfect Smiles & Southcoast Smiles

Working with Dental Marketing has been fantastic! Being able to have control over where we send our mailers to the promos we offer on them, we have seen great success! The collaboration that I’ve had with Aubrey, Sean and the entire team has been extremely helpful – from gathering data to answering my many questions […]

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Ashley Brown | Massachusetts
Summer Creek Dental; Dental Marketing MVP

Summer Creek Dental

As a private practice start up, new patient leads is the key to our success. We have experienced great success with DentalMarketing and we appreciate their guidance in helping us design a high quality, eye-catching design. A significant number of our new patients come from our postcards and they have been vital to our continued […]

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Dr. Tammie Thibodeaux | Texas
Centennial Lakes Dental Group Staff

Centennial Lakes Dental Group

Dental Marketing has been a very effective resource for introducing new patients to our office. Their tracking and analytic systems work well, and their personal coaching has been invaluable. Overall, we are very pleased with their services.

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Dr. Chad Brettingen | Minnesota
Dental Marketing Success - Moorpark Center for Dentistry

Moorpark Center for Dentistry

Moorpark Center For Dentistry has been working with Dental Market​i​​ng for a several years and we find their services exceptional and a reputable team ready to assist. They are flexible and knowledgeable of the dental industry. Thank you for all you do! 

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Dr. Zac Potts | California
Crisafulli Dental Staff

Crisafulli Dental

We love Dental Marketing! They have a wonderful team of people that are so helpful and prompt!

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Dr. Wendy Crisafulli | Washington
Eagle Rivershore Dental

Eagle Rivershore Dental

It has been such a pleasure working with Dental Marketing. Not only did they double our New Patient flow but they gave us all the tools, support and information we needed to be successful. They have been incredible. Thank you​!​ -Eagle Rivershore Dental

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Dr. Gregory Davis | Idaho
East Haddam Dental Staff

East Haddam Dental

What a great experience working with DentalMarketing.net. We have seen significant rise in new patient numbers. The guidance they provide our staff is wonderful and the feedback we get from our consultant and the dashboard is very helpful. Our Doctors and Hygienists are excited with the influx of new patients and full schedules!

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Meredith McGonagle | Massachusetts
Mint Condition Dental Colfax

Mint Condition Dental

We have so many calls and patients come in from using DentalMarketing post cards. One of our patients has told us that they never would have known about us without the post cards and he will promote us to all of his neighbors by telling them to call the dental office that sends the cards. […]

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Dr. Marshall Gibbs | Washington
Rainforest Dental Staff

Rainforest Dental

Dentalmarketing.net has been a Awesome experience for our office. They are efficient, timely and always pay attention to detail. The staff is friendly and thorough. They were able to incorporate our unique atmosphere, reflecting our professional yet personal approach to dentistry. Rainforest Dental wants to thank Dentalmarketing.net for boosting our patient’s and production.

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Rainforest Dental Staff | Texas
Seale Family Dental

Seale Family Dental

In September 2015 I purchased a well established dental practice that had an older patient base. A goal of mine from day was figuring out how to build our new patient numbers. Dentalmarketing.net was recommended to me by several people but I was very hesitant to use mailers. Not going to lie…I always throw those […]

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Dr. Andrew Seale | Alabama
Dockside Dental - Most Valuable Practice

Dockside Dental

I purchased a practice that was heavily marketing, was providing deep discounts and in marketing channels that resulted in little success. I began implementing DentalMarketing.net services. We worked together on a strategic plan for distribution and on the design. The process was seamless and the communication was very easy. Now we know when mailers are […]

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Charles Schein, DDS | North Carolina
Medina Orthodontics - Dental Marketing Most Valuable Practice

Medina Orthodontics

I really like how not only you guys help with the mailers, but you also provide the customer service needed to backup the success you need to see the ROI. I love how you guys are at a great disposition to train new staff and also keep giving pointers to the established staff members.

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Dr. Liana Medina | Texas
Charlotte Progressive Dentistry MVP Award

Charlotte Progressive Dentistry

We have been using Dental Marketing for approximately 5 years and couldn’t be happier. When we opened our office 6 years ago, we started using postcards from another company and were very disappointed with the results. As soon as we switched to Dental Marketing, we saw an immediate difference and far surpassed the ROI we […]

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Dr. Camp | North Carolina
Lindgren Dental Care & Dental Marketing

Lindgren Dental Care

We are extremely pleased with DentalMarketing.net and their postcard marketing program. Knowing that the postcards are going out allows us to focus on other parts of marketing in the office. The dashboard is a great tool to track where our leads are coming from, how our team is doing, and what campaigns are working and […]

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Dr. Cheryl Lindgren | Minnesota
MK Dental Excellence & Dental Marketing

MK Dental Excellence

Dr. Kejriwal started working with Dental Marketing.net 123 Postcards in 2014. Dr. Kejriwal and the MK Dental team has had much success for several reasons. We have been very consistent in our mailers and keep very consistent ads and have built a brand for Dr. Kejriwal in our community and the neighboring communities. The office […]

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MK Dental Excellence Staff | Ohio
Benicia Family Dentistry

Benicia Family Dentistry

“We are very happy with our campaigns. DentalMarketing.net is very organized and responsive. Marketing is an inexact art and they have shown the flexibility to adjust our campaigns to our quirky market. However, all the effort in the world is wasted if we are unable to actually answer the calls and effectively get an appointment […]

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Dr. Barry Parish | California
Baldwin Dental Group

Baldwin Dental Group

Our practice has been using Dental Marketing for several years now. They have been the most effective tool we have utilized to increase our practices growth. Jennifer and Rob are a delight to work with and are always available to help with making sure everything is perfect and offer great advice. I am always pleased […]

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Heather Ray | Kentucky
Excel Dental Staff

Excel Dental

We have been using direct mail for years and just recently discovered Dental Marketing.Net and love them. Our new patients numbers have increased significantly!. We also love the phone training that they offer. Our team was good with new patient phone calls before but with Dental Marketing.Net training, they are fantastic! The recorded phone calls […]

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Excel Dental Staff | Ozark, MO
Dr. Frazee

Frazee Family Dental

We started a scratch practice in July of 2013 and from the beginning have worked with DentalMarketing.net. I can not stress enough how instrumental DentalMarketing.net has been in the rocketing growth of our practice. With the help of their direct mail marketing campaign, and the continual feedback from the account managers, we have grown our […]

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Dr. Dennis Frazee | Indiana
clear lake dental care

Clear Lake Dental Care

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since we starting working with DentalMarketing.net! Our practice has been investing in direct mail campaigns for about 15 years and definitely see the value in consistently staying in front of our target audience. We’ve worked with other companies to manage our direct mail but by far […]

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Brandie Kellogg | Texas
dental marketing case study

Grand Mission Dentistry

I have been using DentalMarketing.Net for 5 months now and it has been a great source of new patients for us. Since using them we have gotten 70 new patients over the past 5 months and the phone calls keep coming! NiCole, Mardi and the rest of the team really want you to do well, […]

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Dr. William Sung | Texas
marketing for dentists

Lancaster Family Smiles

We have enjoyed the increase with scheduling new patients, rescheduling current patients, increased revenue and overall increase in staff moral due to teaming with Dental Marketing.net . The videos are friendly reminders of the best practice scenarios. Our entire staff is better informed with the right tools to have the success momentum we have established. […]

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Dr. Mahima Gupta | Texas
Sedalia Dental Postcard

Sedalia Dental

We have used Dentalmarketing.net since we absolutely love the call tracking, follow up and advice. When tracking our new patient referrals our postcards are on the top of the list. We are a practice seeing 60-85 new patients monthly, most coming from our postcard mailers. Amazing company and Customer Service. I would recommend using them […]

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Sedalia Dental and Staff | Ohio
Daurity Family Dentistry Testimonial

Daurity Family Dentistry

“We have been using DentalMarketing.net for over 3 years now and couldn’t be happier with our experience. Their marketing team has been so professional and easy to work with. They take away all the stress and headache of advertising and have developed a no fail approach for attracting new patients. They cover every aspect of […]

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Dr. Daurity | North Carolina
Monrovia Dental Care Testimonial

Monrovia Dental Care

“We opened our start-up practice six years ago, and these postcards were the key to getting our name out to the community! From the design of the postcard to their database of patient addresses, we built our practice up much faster than expected. High quality product at a reasonable price. Their managing team helps to […]

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Dr. Dao | California
DeMille Mackay Dental Testimonial

DeMille Mackay Dental (NSL)

Our office has been working with DentalMarketing.net for the past year. They have made a huge improvement in growing our client base and helping us to get our schedule full. We were able to bring in another hygienist shortly after we started working with them. In my opinion they are one of the only marketing […]

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Dr. Parke DeMille | Utah
Kantor Dental Group Testimonial

Kantor Dental Group

3 years ago I tried direct mail with dental marketing and had poor results with only 3 calls that were terrible. I cancelled with Dental Marketing and they were very gracious about it in hopes that I would try again later. I decided to try again 6 months later with different offers and a newly […]

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Dr. Grey | California

Quest Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Since we started using Dentalmarketing.net we have seen an amazing return on our investment. The calls started coming right after our postcard went out. I love the features that we also can use to monitor our incoming calls. We have tried other direct mailers in the past and they didn’t have anywhere the result of […]

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Quest Pediatric Team | Louisiana
dental marketing

Santa Fe Dental

Our team has worked with Dentalmarketing.net for a few years now. We are located in a busy suburban area with a lot of competition. We have tried our hand at just about every marketing avenue available over the years and thrown away a lot of good money. Dentalmarketing.net has been the most successful external marketing […]

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Michael Hansen, DDS | Oklahoma
grovewood dental

Grovewood Dental

One of the best pieces of advice I got from my mentor while building my practice was to use DentalMarketing.net for postcards and phone training. In our first 5 months since opening, we have scheduled 93 patients from our mailers! My staff loves the day after they hit mailboxes because they know the calls will […]

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Dr. Laura Schott | Texas
clear lake dental

Clear Lake Dental Care

I’m so thankful I found DentalMarketing.net! Our practice has been consistently using direct mail for over 10 years and, during that time, we’ve used several companies. By far, I’ve been the most impressed with DentalMarketing.net. The fact that they manage the mailing schedule, do the design work, track and listen to the calls, AND provide […]

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Clear Lake Dental Care Team | Texas

Goodlettsville Family Dental

As a new dental practice, I decided to give DentalMarketing.net a try. I was told by consultants that it would be difficult for me to get busier than 2-3 days a week as a new office in my area. Well, shortly after working with DentalMarketing.net, I can now support a 5-day work week! Their staff […]

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Dr. Jeff Mathews | Tennessee
North Pointe Dental

North Pointe Dental, PLLC

Working with Dentalmarketing.net has saved us time, money, and has at least doubled our direct mail success rate. Before our introduction to what direct mail campaigns SHOULD look like, we worked with a designer, contacted a printer, and tried to track our results ourselves. While we were putting out a good product, it was tedious, […]

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Dr. Jason Toney | Minnesota
Dr. Richard Fossum attracted over 400 new clients through DentalMarketing.

Richard F. Fossum, DDS

Our practice has benefited from DentalMarketing.net since the fall of 2011, and we could not be more pleased with the success of our direct mail campaign! We have over a 500% ROI and look forward to our phones ringing the day our postcards hit homes. We have gained over 400 new patients in less than […]

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Richard F. Fossum | Texas

Ricard Family Dentistry

Our practice started using DentalMarketing.net’s services in July 2015. In just a few months, we gained 52 new patients. Our front desk staff was continuously coached through over-the-phone trainings, where we received pointers on how to handle calls, what questions to ask, and how to successfully schedule patients. Because of DentalMarketing.net, we were able to […]

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Dr. Arturo Ricard | Florida

Yankton Dental Clinic

I opened a new office during the spring of 2014. Immediately, we were flooded with new patients by utilizing DentalMarketing.net’s systematic approach. Their staff is friendly, pro-active, and great to work with. The value they create with their follow up on incoming calls has been very helpful. We average between 70-80 new patients per month. […]

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Dr. Bill Reardon | South Dakota

Von Chan DDS

I worked with a couple of marketing companies when I started out, and was not quite happy with the ROI I was seeing. When I met DentalMarketing.net at the CDA, it had been about 10 years since I last used an external marketing source. I was amazed by their new technological analysis that helps you […]

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Dr. Von Chan | California

AV Dental Associates PA

Our office has been using DentalMarketing.net for almost three years now. We are a brand new practice which opened our doors 4 years ago, and have seen steady growth of 30% each year since opening. This would not have been possible without the great work of DentalMarketing.net’s staff. The fact that every call is recorded […]

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Dr. Arash Vahid | New Jersey

New Wave Dental Smiles

We have been using DentalMarketing.net for nearly 2 years now. I enjoy working with Jim and Corey, as they are well aware of our preferences. I feel they have become an extended part of our team! The monthly coaching sessions are fabulous; they always have tips for the front office on how to make us […]

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Dr. Kamal Bajwa | Washington

Summit Dental Care

We have used other direct mail companies in the past, but when I attended an AADOM conference (American Association of Dental Office Mangers) and met with a representative from DentalMarketing.net, I was so impressed with what they do. They are reasonable in cost, they track everything, provide great training, and they let me know how […]

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Alisa Frame | Idaho

Willis Family Dentistry

DentalMarketing.net has been the best decision our three growing offices have made in direct marketing. There is not a better value, nor a more comprehensive system, in direct mail. On top of that, their support team has been first-class. We love working with NiCole on our designs and strategy, and Brayden with his training of […]

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Dr. James W. Willis | Virginia

Casa Dental Group

As a brand new start-up practice, we were certain we would need great quality marketing to let people know about us. We were thrilled to have found a great partner in Dental Marketing.Net early on. We have been able to see up to 100 new patients a month since we’ve started our mailers! On top […]

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Dr. Katie Tran | California

Complete Dental Care

We are very pleased with DentalMarketing.net’s marketing program. It allows us to do other things with our time while knowing the postcards are going out. We never miss a call with the “Missed Call Alerts” feature. The reporting dashboard also allows us to track where our patients are coming from so we can gain accurate […]

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Dr. Manpreet Dhaliwal | Washington

Seastone Dental

We have been using DentalMarketing.net for our start-up since 2013 with great success. I rely on their direct mailers as my primary means of marketing, and it never lets me down. Month after month the phones are ringing and the new patients are coming in. The staff at DentalMarketing.net are great to work with. Their […]

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Dr. Kate Palmateer | South Carolina

Wausau Smiles

We have been using DentalMarketing.net for one year now and we have been averaging at least 12 new patients each month from their direct mail postcard campaigns. Working with Rex and Zac has been so easy, fun, and enjoyable. They really listen to what you want, and the team designs and creates the exact look […]

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Dr. Aaron Bushong | Wisconsin

Monrovia Dental Care

We opened our start-up practice three years ago, and these postcards were the key to getting our name out to the community! From the design of the postcard to their database of patient addresses, we built our practice up much faster than expected. High-quality product at a reasonable price. Their managing team helps to customize […]

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Dr. Lan Dao | California

Paradise Dental Associates

We love DentalMarketing.net’s postcards. They are big and bright, and they grab people’s attention. Working with Rex is a joy. He is always available and listens to what we are asking. He provides well thought out solutions and recommends great marketing ideas. We especially love the call tracking feature. Listening to our staff on the […]

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Drs. Helyne & Stephen Hamelburg | Massachusetts

River Rock Dental

After working in a large group practice for over 10 years, I finally decided to open my own practice, River Rock Dental, about 18 months ago. I thought I could just do it on my own. To get the word out I tried parades, fairs, door hangers, and radio ads, but our growth was sluggish. […]

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Dr. McKay D. Barlow | Idaho

Robert Gittelman, DDS

I have never been a big fan of mass mailings in my 30-plus years in practice, but DentalMarketing.net has proven to be a different kind of marketing company. I am thrilled to tell you that we have had over 240 new patients in two years from their direct marketing campaigns. While that may not seem […]

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Dr. Robert Gittelman | Georgia

Southeast Smiles

Within three months of starting my practice, I felt the frustration of slow growth and low productivity that many feel with a new business. I turned to DentalMarketing.net to give my office the jumpstart it needed. I am truly amazed at how effective these direct mailers have been! Living in a saturated market with established […]

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Dr. Parimal Panchal | North Carolina

Hendersonville Family Dentistry

We began using DentalMarketing.net in March of this year. Within the short time we have been using them to send postcards, we have received seventy new patients. With each new patient that has come in to our office, we have received the referral of their family and friends. Our practice is growing exponentially due to […]

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Dr. Scott Harbin | Tennesse

James Bieneman, DDS

We just purchased a new office in November 2013 and started using DentalMarketing.net immediately.  We chose them because of their knowledgeable staff and proven ability to generate new patients.  They immediately started training the team on how to convert calls to actual appointments.   The number of new patients scheduling in our office increased by over 400% after […]

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James Bieneman, DDS | Colorado

Lake Minnetonka Dental

We have been using DentalMarketing.net for nearly two years and have had great results. Our new patient count continues to rise and the return on investment has been amazing. DentalMarketing.net has worked with us to make and design modifications to our postcards to maximize our results. The phone call tracking has helped to motivate our front […]

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Bryan Laskin, DDS | Minnesota

Katy Smile Design

We have tried many different marketing options since our practice opened in 2012, but we never felt completely satisfied with our results. We have been using 1-2-3 Postcards since the end of 2013. We are extremely pleased with the results and the quality of patients that are responding to our mailings. The best feature about 1-2-3 Postcards that […]

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Lakeside Dental

We opened our practice in October of 2012 and had to face the many struggles of being a start-up practice. We decided in November of 2012 to give DentalMarketing.net a try, and little did we know the response that we would receive. In the first quarter alone, we had 200 phone calls and OVER 100 […]

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Dr. Ryan Londry & Dr. Mike Modlin | North Carolina

Great Quality, Great Price

These guys know their stuff when it comes to video production, creativity, and quality. I was thrilled at the finished product and amazed at the low price they have to offer. Nowhere else can you find a video of this caliber at such a low price. They know how to communicate your brand effectively, and […]

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Ben Stevens | Provo, Utah

Physicians Resource – OSHA Consulting

“It was amazing how simple and easy it was to have my videos made by Dentalmarketing.net.   I needed a quick turn around and they were able to get my project done on time.   Plus they made suggestions that made my videos even more effective than I was anticipating.  I would recommend them to anyone.”  Terri […]

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Terri Allison | Clackamas, OR
Dr Ryan Oakley drew in more than 700 calls from his DentalMarketing postcards.

Spring Creek Dental

Our practice opened in 2005, with a focus on comprehensive preventive, restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic, and implant dentistry for families in the Houston area. Our practice has grown during that time, and by 2012, we were averaging about 60 new patients visits each month. We started with DentalMarketing.net at the beginning of 2013. Since then we’ve done […]

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Dr. Ryan Oakley & Dr. Ron Miller | Texas
Smiling Dentist

Riverock Dental

After working in a practice that focused on pediatric dentistry, I decided to open my own family practice in July 2011. I struggled for months to bring in new patients and tried many marketing methods, including flyers, sponsorships, Facebook, parades, freebies, billboards, newspapers, and the Internet. I always felt like I could do it myself […]

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Dr. Brent Martin | Washington
DentalMarketing attracts new patients to your dental clinic.

Sedalia Dental

305 new patients in 1 year with DentalMarketing.net! By far, this is the best marketing tool we’ve used!

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Dr. Aaron Carroll & Dr. Katherine Carroll | Ohio

Kane & Kerper Dentistry

Drs. Kane and Kerper have been providing the city of Oxnard, California with great dentistry for the past thirty years. We are general family dentists that have recently begun doing orthodontics via Invisalign. Over the years, we have made several marketing attempts, but it seemed as though none of them really fit our office. We […]

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Trina M. Ayala | California

Modern Dental Care

Using DentalMarketing.net for your direct mail campaign is a real no-brainer. You get the entire package of design, mailing list, and post card delivery for far less than what the other guys are charging. Plus, they’re great to deal with and will help you with whatever questions you may have. We had over 90 calls come […]

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Dr. Jeremy Moore | Louisiana

Powell Dental

After reading good things about DentalMarketing.net, we called and found that they were also a great cost effective company that could really help grow our practice. Once we signed on with them, we were very pleased to see that they offered free training to our receptionist and sent out beautiful postcards to the community. We […]

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Christine Hull | Wyoming

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