Pine Grove Family Dentistry

We have worked with DentalMarketing.Net for several years now and have enjoyed excellent customer service from them!!! Their account management team has always been on top of things. We have seen significant growth in the number of new patients for our established offices, as well as our new offices that we have opened since August […]

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Dr. Sukhjeet Kaur | California

Total Health Dentistry

The list of to-dos when you open a dental practice from the ground up can be incredibly overwhelming. Some things were very clear to me from the start and those items were easy to check off of the list. I knew the dentist that I was, the dentist that I was trying to become, and […]

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Rachel E Gold, DMD | Kentucky

Johnson Family Dental

We have been using DentalMarketing.net for over a year and a half now and have seen a steady flow of new patients in our office from the postcards. I have used other postcard companies in the past and have not seen results like those we’ve gotten from DentalMarketing.net. I love the dashboard; I love being […]

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Johnson Family Dental Team | California

Cornelia Dental

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone else in Northeast Georgia the secret… Our phones are ringing, and new patients are scheduling and accepting treatment. Our trained team members have access to the information and training they need to be successful in turning these calls into new patients. DentalMarketing.net’s dashboard makes it easy to track our progress, follow […]

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Dr. Ralph Jackson | Georgia

Dental Health Center

Since using DentalMarketing.net, our office has seen a distinct and measurable difference in our new patient numbers. The cards are reaching potential patients that we have not been able to reach with our previous mailings and various advertising methods. It is awesome to be able to track how effective the cards are! Having the calls […]

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Dr. Ryan Smith | Idaho

Ivy Dental

As a start-up practice, our marketing and new patient numbers 100% determine our success. Knowing the importance of choosing the right marketing strategy, I used a referral from a colleague who had been having great success in her start-up. DentalMarketing.net was with us from day one getting my team on conference calls, making sure we […]

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Dr. Emily Harding | Virginia

Town & Country Dental Care

As I was building a new office in 2014, I knew that I needed an edge to really get my practice to grow and flourish. That secret edge was DentalMarketing.net! They have been the most effective tool we have utilized to increase our practice’s growth. I love how we can track each campaign and directly […]

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Dr. Blake Eyres | Missouri

Confident Smiles of Laurens

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone how pleased I am about my association with DentalMarketing.net, and the results achieved from the postcard we send out regularly to our market area residents. To sum it up in just a few words: the card pays for itself! Sending the postcard is one of […]

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Dr. R. Nicholas Cost, Jr. | South Carolina

Town Center Dental of Lagrangeville

We were referred to DentalMarketing.net by a fellow colleague and we couldn’t be happier. We started our practice in December 2012 with zero patients and two employees. A few months later, we started using DentalMarketing.net to boost our new patient numbers. In the 9 months since signing up with them, we have seen a steady […]

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Wilkie S. Paes, DDS | New York

Park Place Dental

In December 2012, I took a leap of faith and purchased a failing dental practice. The practice was losing patients and the revenue was dropping each month. I was very hesitant to use mailers and postcards; however, my consultant encouraged me to give it a try. DentalMarketing.net was the obvious choice. They have a great […]

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Dr. Mary Gaddis | North Carolina

Olympia Dental Group

I have used DentalMarketing.net for a year now and have enjoyed working with Zac and Rex. They are professionals and results driven. DentalMarketing.net records every postcard phone call, thus holding my front office personnel accountable on how to answer calls to schedule new patients. They also take time to do phone training with my team […]

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Dr. Thinh Ho | Washington

Peter Family Dentistry

As I was opening my new practice I was concerned with how I would get new patients in the door; at the same time, I had to worry about training my new team. Thankfully, I was referred to DentalMarketing.net. Before we opened our doors, they had my team trained on the best tactics to convert […]

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Dr. Jeffrey Peter | Kentucky

Dennis Wong, DDS

Since partnering up with DentalMarketing.net, we’ve noticed outstanding results! We’ve been able to accommodate many new, local patients. With our rise in new patients, we’ve even been able to extend our hours during the week and offer Saturday appointments. Working with DentalMarketing.net has been such an extraordinary partnership to help fill our schedule. Our account […]

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Dr. Dennis Wong | California

Creedmoor Dental

It is a great experience working with DentalMarketing.net. Our office has been bombarded with calls, and I had 26 new patients the first month! My only complaint is we don’t have enough openings to schedule all of the new patients! Thanks DentalMarketing.net!

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Dr. Don Lee | North Carolina

Grove Dental Group

We at Grove Dental Group were discussing different ways we could increase our patient numbers when we came across DentalMarketing.net. The staff was very helpful, made it very easy for us to understand what they provide for us, and helped us through the steps. Once we started using DentalMarketing.net, we noticed the number of phones […]

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Dr. Robert Cady | Michigan

Gallery Dental

Everyone that has even thought about it well knows how daunting it is to open a new startup practice. The process is long and laborious, and it comes with that constant fear in the back of your mind about how things are going to turn out. Having a marketing exec as a wife, she took […]

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Dr. Aws Aldarkazali | Texas

Desert Ridge Dental

In the first half of 2014, we got over 400 new patients directly from DentalMarketing.net, accounting for nearly 400K in production to the practice. It is, without a doubt, our #1 source for new patients and provides an incredible return on investment. The design, tracking, support and feedback are all top notch.

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Dr. Spencer Morgan | New Mexico

Lathrop Dental Center

Do you want your start-up practice to shrivel up & die? If so, quit reading. If not, call DentalMarketing.net for their exceptional direct mail program. They are so effective that I just doubled my monthly mailers to drive even more new patients to my start-up practice. The phone skills training was key for my staff members […]

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Colin A Lathrop, DDS | Texas

Fossum Family Dental

I have been using DentalMarketing.net for my direct mail marketing campaign since October 2010. They are, by far, the best deal out there for dental direct mail. They offer more services and lower fees than any other company I came across. The call tracking has been very helpful to see if the mailers are effective. Everyone […]

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Dr. Steve Fossum | Texas

Breeze Dental

Choosing dentalmarketing.net was the best decision our dental office has made! We have over 40 new patients each month, and those new patients have been referring their friends, families and co-workers to us as well. The design team at dentalmarketing.net is so friendly and helpful and really informative. We are so glad our postcards have been so successful, our […]

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Dr. Jeff Peifer, DMD | Arizona

Sabino Hills Family Dentistry

I opened my office 18 months ago and have always used some form of direct mail with varying degrees of success. New patients are THE most important thing in a start-up, so I wanted to have an advertisement that really brought them in. I have worked with some very good companies who would design the […]

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Dr. Michael Allen, DDS | Arizona

James Y. Kim, DMD

Throughout our time using DentalMarketing.net, we have received an unbelievable amount of new patient phone calls that continue to grow with each mailing. The Dashboard tracker and the support from Corey, our account manager, has provided great advice on implementing new customer service techniques that help to get the potential new patients scheduled. From designing […]

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Dr. James Y. Kim | Georgia

Austin Artistic Dental

I opened my start up office, Austin Artistic Dental, 18 months ago and have worked with DentalMarketing.net for about a year now. We’ve obtained 221 patients from them so far and have been very consistently growing! They’ve helped us become busy enough to go from me doing my own hygiene, to having a full-time hygienist in one year. No […]

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Dr. Jarett Hulse, DDS | Texas

Bloom Family Dentistry

I have been working with DentalMarketing.net for about 5 months now, and it was one of the best decisions I have made. The first month mailing, we doubled our new patients and the following months continued the momentum. By far the best marketing campaign I have done in the six years of my practice. They have an awesome […]

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Casey Bloom | Alabama

Adam Diesburg, DDS

We bought an established family practice with a great patient base, but we knew we could make it even better, given the right marketing program. We were hesitant to try postcard mailings because we had seen it done wrong so many times — cheesy graphics, over-selling, horrific fonts, lame messaging. We finally discovered DentalMarketing.net by […]

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Adam Diesburg, DDS | Oregon

Pure Dental Health

Here at Pure Dental Health we have used many different services to get the word out and get the patients in through our doors the last few years, but our team at DentalMarketing.Net sincerely stands out in the crowd. They provide such a superior level of personalized service and quick response times to requests that […]

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Pure Dental Health Team | Georgia

Frazee Family Dentistry

We started a scratch practice in July of 2013, and, from the beginning, we have worked with DentalMarketing.net. I can not stress enough how instrumental DentalMarketing.net has been in the rocketing growth of our practice. With the help of their direct mail marketing campaign, and the continual feedback from our account manager, we have grown […]

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Dennis Frazee, DDS | Indiana

Affordable Dentistry, Orthodontics & Massage

Not only have we received a ton of new patients over the last year, but we were able track them, listen to the incoming calls and see our history over the year. We truly believe in marketing that you can track and DentalMarketing.net has exceeded our expectations. We were able to give bonuses to our staff […]

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Duane K. Taylor, D.D.S. | Texas

Perfect Smiles Dental Care

The postcards mailed out from DentalMarketing.net is a key puzzle piece in my overall multi-media marketing campaign. The results keep bringing me a constant stream of new patients per month, allowing me to keep two doctors and three hygienists busy and productive. I especially like how they record every postcard phone call which holds my […]

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Kelly Bridenstine, DDS | Kansas

Excel Dental

We have been using direct mail for years, and just recently discovered DentalMarketing.net and love them. Our new patients numbers have increased significantly! We also love the phone training that they offer. Our team was good with new patient phone calls before but with DentalMarketing.net training, they are fantastic! The recorded phone calls are a great learning […]

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Excel Dental Team | Missouri

Katy Smile Design

We have tried many different marketing options since our practice opened in 2012, but we never felt completely satisfied with our results. We have been using DentalMarketing.net since the end of 2013, and we are extremely pleased with the results and quality of patients that are responding to our mailings. The best feature about DentalMarketing.net […]

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Dr. Catherine Wilder and Dr. Lauren Shepard | Texas

Dr. Sean Rayment

I have been working with DentalMarketing.net for about a year and we are thrilled with the results. I am currently running two offices with very different “personalities” and we have been able to develop direct mail programs that work in each location. The staff training is awesome and great to see the progress our staff has […]

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Dr. Sean Rayment | Massachusetts

Dental Designs of Stroud

Having worked the front myself I know how valuable that initial phone call is to the practice. Personally reviewing the recorded calls with my staff through the Master Reporting Dashboard provided by DentalMarketing.net lets them know that I am aware and heavily invested in the process. They also know they are being held accountable for how […]

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Brett V. Francis, DDS | Oklahoma

Advanced Dentistry of South Plainfield

We are currently sending out our 3rd mailing with DentalMarketing.net. Our first two mailings were so successful that it’s an easy decision to have a third. We have added over 75 quality new patients to our practice! The design and quality of the postcards is very professional, and it sets them apart from other marketing […]

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Dr. John J. Nazzaro | New Jersey

Annandale Smiles

We are a large practice that has been doing marketing for many years. We even have been sending out postcards for several years with mixed results. When I found DentalMarketing.net, our results changed. DentalMarketing.net worked with me to find a design we liked, worked to put together mailing maps that made sense for the patients […]

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Jason Billingsly | Virginia

Lake Country Dental

Since we have started using DentalMarketing.net, we have more than doubled the number of new patients we have seen each month. We were able to customize our postcards to our high expectations and have been very impressed with the results. I would highly recommend DentalMarketing.net first if you were contemplating any new marketing strategies. – […]

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Lisa Martin | Texas

Caring Convenient Dentistry of East Lansing

We are a general family practice that has utilized many different mail marketing companies – never really finding anything to stick with. When we started with DentalMarketing.net, the results were awesome! Being able to see missed calls from over the weekend (or during closed hours) and then call them back has been great. The fact […]

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Dr. Paul Hanysz | Michigan

Richard F. Jergensen, DDS

I have practiced dentistry for over 35 years and have used almost every practice building/marketing idea out there. I was shocked, however, when I saw the terrific results from using DentalMarketing.net direct mail program catered exclusively for dental practices. With good offers/design to the public, along with good tracking, I have been able to receive an […]

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Richard F. Jergensen, DDS | California

Laredo Dental Care

I have been using DentalMarketing.net for about one year and have had a great response to the mail outs. We have seen our new patient numbers steadily rise in direct response to each mail out. I have seen a 10 times ROI and could not ask for a better return. Certainly, like all marketing campaigns, it […]

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Dr. J Manuel Gonzalez Jr | Texas

Wesmark Family Dental

If only I knew back then what I know now about marketing; how different my practice and life would be! Marketing is key to successful practice growth, and direct mail marketing has been the backbone of our practice’s success over the last 18 months. DentalMarketing.net has been the best way I have found to consistently […]

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Dr. Hurst & Dr. Parks | South Carolina

Peterson Dental

I used DentalMarketing.net for the first time about 10 months into my startup. At the time, we had little money and were getting about 15 new patients each month. Six months later, and after five rounds of DentalMarketing.net, we were hitting 70-80 new patients per month. I’m a big believer in direct mail, now. It’s, by […]

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Dr. Eric Peterson | Alabama

Easy Dental

Our practice is entering into its third month of operations. We have found great success in using the Dashboard feature through DentalMarketing.net. It has provided vital information – from understanding the different needs of our patients, to increased training opportunities for our staff. I am beyond satisfied with DentalMarketing.net’s reporting of each call. Being able […]

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Tina Wilson | Pennsylvania

Macomb Children’s Dentistry

After researching many options for marketing, we decided to use DentalMarketing.net for our start up pediatric dental practice. We used them from the month we opened and have used them consistently for the last 10 months since. We have had great results since the beginning and the postcards have really helped bring in a lot […]

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Neha Batra | Minnesota

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